Multani Mitti Benefits on Face, Skin, Dry Acne Pimples in Hindi, Urdu Benefits of Fuller’s Earth

What are the benefits of using multani mitti clay on your skin? Can you use multani mitti on face? What are the Hindi and Urdu advantages of fuller’s earth clay? You can make a face mask for oily skin to get rid of pimples, acne, dry skin and oily skin with this clay. Fuller’s earth clay also helps hair in many ways. Let us find out what face, skin and hair benefits you will get by applying multan mitti clay.

From beauty benefits to health benefits, herbal and healing clays are known to have been used for thousands of years on skin and hair. One of these clays is multani mitti, also called Fuller’s Earth clay in English.

Multani Mitti Benefits for face, skin hair
This clay is good for hair, skin and face

Highly effective multani mitti clay is sold in drugstores and online stores such as Amazon in powder form that you can easily make into clay and apply as a face mask, hair mask or even eat to enjoy the benefits that the clay has. Below, we discuss the benefits of multani mitti or fuller’s earth clay and how it is used in different ways for beauty and health reasons.

Benefits of Multani Mitti on Face

Is multani mitti good for face? How does it benefit the face? How can you use fuller’s earth clay on face? Multani clay is widely known for its use as a facial pack or facial mask. The packs are available and used on dry skin, acne prone skin, oily skin and even normal skin types.

If you have a shiny oily face, you can use Fuller’s earth clay to treat the excessive oil that leaves you with a shiny face all day. Besides being good for oily skin, Hindi and Urdu multani mitti benefits for face include the following:

  • Treatment of acne on the face
  • If you have excess oil on your skin, apply a multani mitti face mask because it absorbs excess oil produced by sebaceous glands.
  • For preventing pimples, apply a fuller’s earth clay mask to stop pimples, acne and blackheads from forming. This clay is known to have a cooling effect which can help reduce facial inflammation that normally leads to pimples.
  • Multani mitti is a good facial cleanser. For people who suffer from oily skins that end up with breakouts, cleansing with multani mitti clay will remove buildup in the skin pores that end up as pimples and blackheads.
  • Lastly, if you have a problem of hyperpigmentation from sun tan, one of the best benefits of multani mitti is its ability to reduce sun tan and pigmentation spots due to excessive sun exposure.

There are other benefits of using multani mitti on your face, but some of them are general and are discussed below under skin benefits of multani clay. Meanwhile, can you use the clay for hair? Let’s find out.

Multani Mitti for Acne Pimples and Fuller’s Earth Hair Benefits

So, what are the uses of Fuller’s Earth on hair? How does multani mitti benefit hair? To use it on your hair, soak up the clay in clean water for about two hours and then applying it on the scalp. Rub it on your hair just the way you do with shampoo and then rinse it off. This will give you shiny and thick hair.

Multani-mitti-with-rose-water-face mask
Multani Mitti Face pack with rose water can reduce pimples and acne.

Another use is that it can treat split ends. Some people recommend following the procedure below:

  1. Massage your hair with olive oil and allow to sit for two hours.
  2. Thereafter, wrap your head with a warm towel to allow the oil to seep into your scalp.
  3. Wash the hair with multani mitti mixed with milk.
  4. If your hair is oily, mix multani mitti with buttermilk.
  5. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

This process will help you treat split ends on dry damaged hair.

For an acne affected face, you will need to make a simple face pack or face mask with multani mitti clay. This clay is one of the best remedies for pimples and acne on oily skin types.

Girls with pimple-prone faces can apply a face mask to control the excess sebum and reduce blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes and pimple breakouts on acne-prone skin.

Multani Mitti Benefits in Hindi and Urdu

The origin of Multani Mitti clay is in Hindi and is popular in most Asian countries. Urdu and Hindi uses derive amazing healing benefits from the skin. Most of these cultures have spread the use of the clay throughout the world, now making it a commercial clay that is sold as a beauty product.

Hindi and Urdu fuller’s earth clay benefits relate to hair that is damaged, oily and acne prone skins as well as skin with blemishes. Throughout this article, we discuss the most common advantages of using this clay on the face, skin and hair as is derived from Hindi and Urdu cultures.

Benefits of Multani Mitti for Skin

Multani mitti benefits for skin make one of the primary uses of Fuller’s Earth clay. It is used for cleansing, soothing, nourishing and treating skin with various problems. But, how good is this herbal clay and how is it used for the skin?

Is Multani Mitti Good for Skin?

Multan clay is rich in magnesium chloride, which is known to be a powerful compound that reduces acne. Having been used in the wool industry as an absorbent and bleach, it is known to be very good at absorbing oil and buildup in the skin.

The clay is good for the skin because of its ability to remove dead cells on the skin (exfoliate), leaving you with a healthy, youthful looking skin. It will allow your skin to breathe since it will help unclog the clogged skin pores.

How Multani Mitti Benefits Skin – Dry and Oily SKin

Here’s how multani mitti benefits skin:

Multani Mitti Benefits soap
Soap made from Fuller’s Earth
  • It is a powerful exfoliant that will remove dead cells on your skin, giving you a glowing skin. It will also improve the texture of your skin. If you want to get a baby-soft and smooth skin, use fuller’s earth clay on your skin.
  • Multani Mitti with rose water is a good face mask for oily skin types. If you have a dry skin, add some milk and almond oil to the clay to make a paste. It will not only hydrate the skin but also increase blood circulation to make your skin more vibrant.
  • If your skin has dark spots and marks, apply it to lighten dark spots, but this time mix it with carrot pulp and olive oil.This is particularly good with removing acne scars.
  • Mix with neem leaves, grind to make a paste that is used to reduce pimples on your face.
  • When mixed with beaten eggs, it is used to tone skin and remove fine lines.
  • Fuller’s Earth and glycerin soap with almond oil facial scrub removes whiteheads and blackheads.

Multani Mitti Soap and Mask Benefits for Men

Some soaps have been found to use multani mitti as an ingredient. Benefits for men are not different from those of women, since men can also use it to:

  • Heal scars from acne,
  • Treat and condition hair,
  • Reduce oil on their skin and
  • Prevent pimples.

If you do not want to use the raw clay, go for a soap made from fuller’s earth clay.

Of importance to note is that people with severe dry skin and sensitive skin should not use it, or should apply it to the skin with caution. It can easily aggravate your skin condition.

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