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Krill Oil Dosage: How Much & When to take Krill Oil? Morning or Night

Knowing proper krill oil dosage ensures you maximize the benefits of this amazing animal oil while at the same time insuring you against the possible side effects of overdose. How much krill oil should I take? When should I take krill oil? All these have been addressed in the article.

How Much Krill is Too Much?

Krill oil is taken as a supplement that has a wide range of benefits. You can take krill oil to combat your high blood pressure problem, keep stroke at bay, and the same to cancer, osteoarthritis, and even depression. Don’t get too excited about these range of benefits and launch a campaign to take as many krill capsules as you seem fit.

There could be consequences. You might want to know that the FDA says little about such supplements as krill oil and therefore you should take it with your doctor’s advice. It is however recommended that you do not exceed 3000 mg of Krill oil.

How much krill oil should I take to Lower Cholesterol?

Some research findings report that at least 240mg will be enough for cardiovascular protection and the more, the better. However, unless you have already maintained your cholesterol levels, the 240mg may not benefit you that much.

If you are doing maintenance on your cholesterol levels, then 500mg dosage a day is the recommended amount. If you are just beginning the process of lowering your cholesterol levels, then between 1000mg and 1500mg should be optimal even though you can raise it higher.

Just remember to keep your dosage at 2000mg and tone it down to 500mg a day once you have achieved a healthy cholesterol level. If you experience such side effects as mild rush, chest pain, or uneven heartburns, stop the dosage and seek medical advice. Krill oil may not be for you.

When to take Krill Oil Morning or Night?

Aside from the cardiovascular protection and such, scientists have also associated krill oil with a feeling of liveliness, rejuvenation, and the like. The best time to take advantage of krill oil to bring forth such kinds of feelings is in the morning as you start your day more so if you are the kind that wakes up feeling under the weather.

Besides, it is easier to keep to the dosage regiment in the morning than at night when your keenness is waning. It is easy to remember that your krill oil capsules are waiting for you in the morning when you sit to have breakfast than in the evening when sleep and rest are calling.

How much krill oil should I take for weight loss?

Krill oil, the wonder fast-acting supplement cannot be praised enough. It can help you fight weight loss in a shorter time than would other supplements.

Tests conducted on krill oil to measure the optimal dosage for reducing weight loss recommend from between 1000mg on the low end and 3000mg on the high end.

If you are very pumped up to cut back on your weight, then you could begin by 3000mg every day and with time, reduce it to 2000mg and then to 1000mg for weight maintenance.

Krill oil dosage for arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability and should be one of those diseases that everyone got to worry about. Good enough science proves that the super supplement, Krill oil, is a weapon against arthritis.

The optimal krill oil dosage for arthritis is 500mg per day.You will most likely see a great reduction in pain after 30 days of taking 500mg or krill oil every other day.

You could augment the dosage to 1000mg but just remember, it only takes about 500mg/day to work for you. Any dosage less than 500mg/day may take longer than usual to give you the kind of results you need.

Krill Oil Best brand reviews

The world of supplements is just too complex to understand, and neither does the FDA understand it to the very bottom. Whether profit takes the center stage or the need to help people’s lives is something you may have to find out by yourself.

The best place to begin may be amazon where bestsellers are listed, and people give their reviews. But that may be flawed in its own way. The IKOS evaluation program is one dedicated system that tests the different brands out there so you can make the right choice.

It ensures the quality of the key ingredient in the krill oil and whether the brand meets other industry and health standards crucial to your health. So you are already anxious to know which ones made it to the top?

Krill Oil Gold from NutriGold

Nutrigold may only be about eight years in the market of non-GMO producers, but their reputation precedes them. Krill Oil Gold from NutriGold is one of the best you can find on the shelves. The krill is organic meaning it is as natural as it can get.

Few brand can make such a claim in the world of supplements. For a tin of Krill Oil Gold from NutriGold, you get gluten free 120 liquid capsules of 500mg of krill oil.

Maximum Strength Krill Oil from NutriGold

NutriGold has another quality krill oil product dubbed “maximum strength.” It holds the same quality as krill oil gold even though it offers more concentrates of the essential ingredients which makes it more energy packed.

A tin contains 60 liquid capsules of 1000mg or 1500mg krill oil that contain about 20% more omega-3 fatty acids.

Krill Oil from Viva Labs

Viva Labs has gone the extra mile of providing krill oil capsules that virtually lack any smell and that are almost leak-proof at normal handling conditions. You will not have to worry about capsules breaking in the tin and oozing their precious contents or giving off that rancid smell of krill oil.

The capsules have also been filled with high-quality pure krill oil straight from the Antarctic krill harvest. For a tin, you get 60 liquid capsules with each capsule holding 260mg of essential ingredients.

Krill Oil from Davinci Labs

The  IKOS evaluation gives Davinci Labs Krill Oil the fourth best brand of krill oil you can buy today. Though not popular as you would expect, it ranks high on quality and adherence to health and industry standards.

A tin of Davinci Labs Krill Oil contains 60 liquid capsules holding 240mg each. With the total mg of krill oil in the tin coming to about 1440mgs, one may wonder whether that is enough.

Is 1000mg of Krill Oil too much?

Well depending on the reason you are taking krill oil, 1000mg of krill oil may either be too much or too little in some cases. If you need to protect your cardiovascular system from issues like the stroke, for example, 240mg/day is just enough which means, 1000mg/day dose is on the excess side.

But if you are taking krill to bring down your cholesterol or cut down on your body weight, then 1000mg/day dose may not be sufficient. Otherwise, 1000mg/day falls in the optimal range, and it should be enough under normal circumstances. Maybe you need to get a popular doctor’s perspective before you begin your daily dose.

Krill oil dosage Dr. Oz

According to Dr. Oz, the efficiency ratio of krill to conventional fish oil is 1:3 meaning it takes as much as three grams of fish oil to give the same effect as one gram of krill oil. Krill oil is quite potent and is therefore recommended.

Dr. Oz recommends the optimal dosage of krill oil to be 1000mg per day which goes into solving lots of health concerns that may be bothering you.

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