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Kaolin Clay Health Benefits on Skin, Hair, in Soaps, Lotions, Lipsticks and Deodorants

What are the Kaolin Clay Health Benefits? How does Kaolin Clay affect Skin or Hair? Is kaolin Clay used to manufacture Soaps, Lotions and Deodorants? In this article, I address the various health benefits and applications of this highly valued clay.

What is Kaolin Clay – Properties

Kaolin clay also well known as China clay is a naturally occurring soft clay. Its color varies from dark brown, yellow, red, pink to white. It is a versatile clay with unique physical and chemical properties that contribute to its health benefits [Wikipedia.org].

Kaolin is the earliest treatment the mankind has available and it effectively treats many disorders depending on its mineral content and color.

kaolin clay health benefits
Kaolin clay powder health benefits

Kaolin clay uses range from skincare and beauty products, agriculture, consumption and many more. However, in this article, I am going to discuss the various Health benefits of Kaolin clay on the skin and hair, its soap benefits, deodorizing benefits, and its use in insect control, lipsticks, and lotions.

Kaolin Clay Health Benefits on Skin

There are numerous Kaolin Clay Health Benefits on Skin. These benefits can be grouped according to the various types of Kaolin Clay as discussed  below.

White kaolin clay is the gentlest and is, therefore, great for sensitive, dry skin as it softens it effectively.

Yellow Kaolin is slightly more absorbent and exfoliating but remains gentle enough for sensitive skin. These can be more circulation-boosting. Therefore, it is found in a lot of brightening masks.

Red Kaolin Clay contains the most absorbing power of the bunch and is, therefore, the best for oily skin. It is a great addition to acne masks for the body or face.

Pink Kaolin clay is mainly a mixture of the red and white kaolin clays, making it an ideal balance for those with delicate skin that needs gentle exfoliation and oil-vacuuming.

Another Kaolin Clay Health Benefit on the skin is that it also helps to stimulate blood circulation to the skin, hence fighting inflammation.

It is spread out on the skin as a dusting powder or in a wet dressing and left for a period until dry then washed out. Also, Kaolin Clay works by minimizing the production of sebum. These make the oily skin to remain smooth and dry.

Health Benefits of Kaolin on Hair

Kaolin is rich in silica and therefore is ideal for the scalp since it gently exfoliates while stimulating circulation and cleansing.

For people with dry hair, white kaolin clay serves as the perfect cleanser since it does not draw moisture from the hair.

Kaolin used on hair also:

  1. Increases elasticity and strength of the hair,
  2. Absorbs toxins on the scalp and hair, and
  3. Can help slow the aging hair process.
  4. Also, it is used as a hair mask.

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Health Benefits of Kaolin Clay on Soap

Kaolin clay is used in soap making because it is rich in potassium, titanium, and silicon, elements which catalyze the formation of collagen, it is also used because of its creaminess and silkiness. Therefore, benefits of kaolin caly in soap include:

  1. Withdraws toxins and impurities from the skin,
  2. Helps with skin moisture retention,
  3. Soap becomes a product that is sensitive, soothing and softening to the skin soft
  4. It is a deep cleanser and helps in blemish prevention.

Soaps made of Kaolin Clay absorb excess oil, when used to gently remove dead skin cells, thus improving circulation and creating a smooth, healthy glow

In addition the soap tones and tightens the skin making the skin feel firmer and more supple.

Also, Kaolin soaps are safe and mild. Soap manufacturers use it in making shaving and oily skin soaps. Kaolin clay also provides soaps which produce large amounts of bubbles or that are soothing and fun, hence providing a relaxing experience.

Health Benefits of Kaolin Clay in Deodorants

Kaolin clay is used in making deodorants since it is rich in silica and aluminum oxide. It carries a negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins.

Thus, when it comes in contact with a toxin, heavy metal or chemical, the clay will absorb the toxin and release its minerals for the body to use.

Another Kaolin Clay health benefit in deodorants is it also helps get oxygen to the cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

Also, it has a very fine velvet-like texture, is non-staining and odorless, which are key qualities of a good deodorant. It also absorbs moisture easily and quickly.

Health Benefits of Kaolin Clay in Insect Control

Kaolin clay insect control works by generating a barrier film which covers the leaves and fruit with a white powdery film, which attaches and irritates insects, thereby eliminating their scavenging on leaves or fruits.

Using kaolin clay on plants and fruit trees helps repel many types of insects such as mites, grasshoppers, trips, leaf-rollers, some moth varieties, Japanese beetles and flea beetles.

Health Benefits of Kaolin Clay in Lipsticks

Kaolin clay is used in the making of lipsticks due to its combination of colors (dark brown, yellow, red, pink to white), it softens and brightens lipsticks, it also offers good adhesion hence.

Another health benefit of kaolin in lipsticks is that it has great viscosity power, meaning it increases the thickness of the water portion of the lipstick, and it has a very light texture.

Health Benefits of Kaolin clay in Lotions

Lotions are products that are supposed to moisturize and soften the body and hands. They are often semi-solid emulsions of water and oil.

Body and Hand lotions contain special ingredients that help to replace the oils found in the skin or to safeguard against the loss of moisture from the skin.

NB: The safety of the body and hand lotions is established by selection of ingredients that are safe and suitable.

Another Kaolin Clay health Benefit is in the making of lotions, and it is a common preference because the clay is rich in potassium, titanium, and silicon, elements which catalyze the formation of collagen, because of its creaminess and silkiness.

Such lotions draw out toxins and impurities from the skin. This helps with moisture retention, creating a product that is soothing. Kaolin-based lotions are delicate and leave skin soft and naturally moisturized by absorbing excess oil.

When used to gently remove dead skin cells, thus improving circulation and creating a smooth, healthy glow of the skin, it tones and tightens the skin, making the skin feel firmer and more supple. It is no doubt that Kaolin clay lotions have lots of benefits for the consumers.

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