Organic Jojoba Oil Uses & Properties

What is Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba oil comes from cold pressed seed extract of a jojoba plant found in desert areas. Its place of origin is south west United States in the Sonaran Desert. Most nutritional experts recommend the use jojoba oil for skin care because unlike other artificially produced oils, it’s unique.

Antagonistic to what we believe in, jojoba oil is not really an oil. Contrary to triglycerides like normal vegetable oils or fatty acids, jojoba oil is a wax ester characterized by a stretched straight chain of wax particles or molecules.

That implies that, different from regular oils, jojoba oil does not become rancid. Its shelf life is very long. In fact, Jojoba oil is the most molecularly designed component matching human sebum. That is because of the wax jojoba oil properties.

Moreover, you can as well apply jojoba oil on oily skin. It’s known for reducing overproduction of natural skin oil. You may be wondering how an oil product can help reduce more production of sebum. Well, here is the answer. Jojoba oil tricks pores of your skin into believing that they are saturated thereby leading to their reduced oil production.

For me, jojoba oil is very useful because my skin is the dry type. So, I use the oil to moisturize my dry skin. The same applies to many people with both dry and oily skin types.

Jojoba Oil Uses

Other than acting like an oil control agent on your face, you can use jojoba oil for your body skin and hair. Below, I have highlighted some of the most common jojoba oil uses:

  1. Used as an Every Night Facial Moisturizer: Your face can appear extra shiny if you apply jojoba oil in the day. Well, that is only when the oil works its magic. However, a majority of your jojoba oil uses may be seen overnight. You can use a few drops of this oil as your night-time moisturizer.

Equally, you can apply jojoba oil alone. That is done by rubbing a few drops over your neck and face. In fact, lots of people with acne assert that regular application of jojoba oil has worked miracles in helping them minimize skin breakouts.

  1. Shaving Essential: It does not matter whether you are shaving your legs or face skin. What is important is that you can use jojoba oil before applying your shaving cream. It prepares your face or leg skin for a smoother shaving. Eventually, you end up having a super-soft skin after shaving.
  2. Body Moisturizer After-Shower: After finishing your shower, rub a few jojoba oil drops on your skin areas, feet, and hands to maintain a soft body.
  3. Dandruff and Hair Treatment: Rub jojoba oil to the end of your hair cuticle. In the same way after shampooing, you can apply or mix it to your regular hair conditioner.
  4. Lip Balm: Use your regular lip balm to smear jojoba oil to your lips. Doing so will help to heal your chapped, dried lips.
  5. Makeup Remover: You may also use jojoba oil to remove your facial make-up. Some people also use this oil to remove eye makeup because it’s gentle. What is required of you is to put a few jojoba oil drops to a cotton pad and softly wipe mascara and make-up off your face and eye area.
  6. Dry Cuticle Curing: It’s also amongst the critical jojoba oil uses. You may use Jojoba oil to treat dry cuticles of your fingernails.

Jojoba Oil Properties

Made from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis, jojoba oil is a native shrub in northwestern, southern Arizona, and Mexico southern California. It’s amongst the beauty products sought in the modern market.

It’s used in various cosmetic products including in hand and body lotions, facial cleansing products, lipstick, shampoos, and makeup. These are magical properties attributed to effective jojoba oil uses as reported by Aztecs who have used it since antiquity.

Given a chance to choose one common natural ingredient, go for jojoba oil. Here is the main reason:

  1. Moisturizing Effect: Jojoba oil has a magnificent capability to grip and preserve water molecules. Application of a few jojoba oil drops is enough to keep your face moisturized and hydrated.

Thus, helps to reduce your skin’s cracking and dryness. Jojoba oil’s moisturizing effects are associated with its high quantity of ceramides. These are waxy lipid molecules whose primary role is to act as protective barrier to your skin to keep harmful elements and external chemicals from penetrating the skin cells.

The use of jojoba oil helps to replace your skin’s lost water molecules, making it supple and soft to touch.

  1. Anti-fungal Properties:Jojoba oil has also antibacterial and antifungal properties. That is why it’s used in the production of many antifungal and acne creams.

However, the most fascinating news about this property of jojoba oil is that the strength of the antifungal element in it does not equal that found in creams and ointments that are produced commercially. It’s milder compared to other natural oils including tea tree oil.

For that reason, it’s both safe and effective for your everyday use. The ceramides originating in jojoba oil further aids to protect your skin from various fungal infections.

  1. Anti-aging Element:Promoting anti-aging is another jojoba oil properties that helps keep your skin appear young. It reduces the presence of large pores on your skin. Jojoba oil has high amount of vitamin E popular for keeping your skin to look smooth.

The vitamin E content in jojoba oil further replenish your ageing skin. Continued use of jojoba oil also obscures wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

This vitamin is also vital because it helps repair skin damage caused by scarring. Thus, it helps to fade the blemishes and scars for a clearer looking skin. The anti-oxidants and vitamin E in jojoba oil work together to make your skin appear more glowing and youthful.

  1. Cleansing Properties:A majority of makeup cleaners we see in the market today are made by jojoba oil. That is because it has cleansing properties which make it a perfect washing product to remove remnants and make-up that cannot be removed by other cleansers.

The cleansing properties of jojoba oil makes it easy to enter clogged pores and break down skin sebum. The oil produced by your skin or sebum is the main cause of acne and clogged pores.

  1. Revitalizing Effects: It’s proven by scientists that Jojoba oil contain multiple healthy vitamins like vitamin B6, B2, and B1, Vitamin A, and also vitamin E. Phospholipids are also found in jojoba oil and are essential in helping your skin to regenerate.

A constant application of jojoba oil helps to replace your skin’s lost nutrients. Thus, this jojoba oil properties plays an integral role in ensuring that the look of your skin is rejuvenated. It’s a fact that chemical composition found in jojoba oil is identical to sebum, the natural oil produced by the skin.

Based on that ground, all jojoba oil properties and its oil effectively get absorbed by your skin without tacky and greasy feeling.

  1. Pregnancy: since it increasesskin elasticity, jojoba oil is an excellent option you have at your disposal to stop flaccidity and stretch marks in the gestation period.
  2. Massage: Jojoba oil uses include reinforcing the aesthetic impact of whichever massage. Thus, the jojoba oil properties of message helps to feeds the whole skin and build its walls to become more elastic.  You can mix jojoba oil with aromatherapy as well.
  3. Linoleic Acid:Jojoba oil has high quantity of linoleic acid, a skin’s re-generator and re-builder.

Organic Jojoba Oil Cold Pressed

While purchasing any jojoba oil product, you should ensure that you are buying an organic jojoba oil that is 100% expeller-pressed and first-pressed. That is what we commonly refer to jojoba oil cold pressed.

These jojoba oil brands are popularly labelled as unrefined products. The term cold pressed define the process of extracted oil from the seed using an expeller press machine.

The jojoba oil properties of cold pressed makes it a luxurious, beautiful moisturizer for all types of skin including damaged, dehydrated, dry, and mature skin.

It doesn’t clog pores and leaves silky smooth skin sensation. Excellent for nails, skin, and hair.

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