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Headache Above Right Eye, Eyebrow and Temple: Treatment & Causes

What causes a bad headache above right eye socket? Should you worry when you experience persistent headaches on your forehead? What causes such headaches? Can such right-sided headaches be treated? In this article, I explore the possible reasons why you experience this pain.

What is a Headache?

Well, it is important to understand what exactly constitutes a headache. According to Wikipedia, headache is definitely the manifestation of severe discomfort at any place around the regions of the head. It takes place as throbbing or sharp pains (migraines), tension-type pains, and cluster head pain.

Repeated severe headaches can impact human relationships as well as career. Additionally, there is a heightened likelihood of depressive disorders among people that have headaches.

Severe headaches may appear due to many conditions, regardless of the severity. There are lots of different categorization systems meant for headaches. One of the well-recognized belongs to the International Headache Society.

Causative factors for a common headache could be fatigue, insufficient sleep, stress and anxiety, the consequences of medicines, and the negative impacts of recreational drugs.

Other factors include infections caused by viruses, exposure to noise, the common cold, head trauma, and rapid swallowing of an extremely cold meal as well as drink.

What is a headache above the right eye on the forehead?

When the symptoms highlighted here above occur on one side of the head, above the eye, such a headache is specifically categorized as a right-sided headache. Some may report it as a headache over the right eye, eyebrow, socket or temple

Causes of a headache above right eyebrow (in the eyebrow bone)

There are many causes of the headache on the right side of your head. Authoritative health websites such as livestrong.com and healthline.com report major causes as:

1. Increased Intracranial pressure

Elevated pressure within the head (cranium) will most likely result in pain and discomfort all over the head, but sometimes result in localized pain around the eye. The cranium (skull) is actually a tough holder and protector of the brain.

Therefore, any kind of situation that can take up space or room inside the skull can easily raise the amount of pressure exerted on the skull.

This is caused by:

  • Significant intracranial abscess
  • Infection affecting the tissues/organs in the head
  • Malignant growth of brain cells into tumors

This can result in throbbing pain over the right eye socket, together with pain, eyesight problems and endemic signs and symptoms such as vascular failure.

2. Problems with the blood vessel in the head

Problems with blood vessels around the eye or even the nerves of your eyes as well trigger headaches. Temporal arteritis (discussed below) results out of inflammation within the temporal artery, which extends to the side of the head around the eye.

In addition, it may cause an aneurysm, which is an unusual dilation of the vessels of your blood. Whenever it takes place in the head close to the nerve fibers serving a person’s eye, the amount of pressure from your enlarged blood vessels around the nerves may cause discomfort.

In addition, the blood vessels can easily burst open, which is actually a medical emergency situation.

3. Cluster headache

This is also called the ice-pick headache, and it, in most cases, appears extremely painful. It is generally referred to as sharp pain and has a tendency to occur more than once every day for weeks to several months and after that go away for a similar time period.

They’re more prevalent in men as compared to women and tend to be more frequent throughout adolescence and early adulthood. This is as reported in the national institutes of health.

  • The main cause of these types of headaches is not familiar, but might be connected with unusual histamine and serotonin regulation in the body.
  • Ice-pick headaches may very well be brought about by cigarettes and alcohol use, bright light, high temperature, or particular foods and medicines.

4. Infections around the Eye

Contagions close by a person’s eye happen to be an additional source of headaches around the eye. A number of sinuses tend to be close to the eye. Sinuses are generally cavities within the head.

The frontal, ethmoid, maxillary, as well as sphenoid sinuses may be infected with bacteria or a virus. The cellular lining of your eyes, and also the regions surrounding the eye, could be infected with the virus and bacteria pathogens too.

5. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is actually an increased pressure within the eye, which enable it to trigger a migraine and eye discomfort. With time it may also damage the optic nerve.

When this happens one is incapable of seeing. The precise reason for glaucoma is not known. Nonetheless, in both angle-closure glaucoma and open-angle glaucoma, the fluid inside the eye is not able to come out and then the amount of pressure inside the eye increases.

6. Giant Cell Arteritis (Cranial or Temporal arteritis)

Giant cell arteritis is a condition in which the blood vessels that supply blood to the head (the temporal arteries) become damaged or inflamed. Additionally, it is referred to as cranial arteritis.

Even though this condition generally happens in the temporal arterial blood vessels, it may well occur in practically any medium to big arteries in one’s body.

Based on the American College of Rheumatology research studies, people over 50 years old are much more likely as compared to much younger individuals to get the problem.

Women are usually more susceptible than men to get temporal arteritis. It should be noted that the condition is most common among persons of Scandinavian or north-European origin.

How is the headache above right eye and temple treated?

The treatment of a headache above the right eye and temple depends upon the main cause. However, it generally entails pain medication. An intense or constant headache above the right eye is among the most often experienced of all the physical pains.

The common methods for treatment of a constant headache over the right eye are:

  1. Use prescribed medications to eradicate the inflammation. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  2. Use antidepressants and anticonvulsants
  3. Use anti-depressants
  4. Use intravenous medication for pain
  5. Acupuncture and acupressure
  6. Oxygen and/or relaxation therapy- this includes resting, cold compress, and massage therapies.
  7. Address or seek treatment for the underlying conditions that may be the source of the pain.

A headache above right eye for 3 days

There have been reports of patients suffering from a headache above the right eye for up to 3 days and hurts to touch. In some cases, patients report experiencing a blurry vision or even feeling dizzy.

The causes of such a persistent headache may be as indicated here above, or a totally new causative factor. In that case, therefore, it is recommended to visit a physician immediately.

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