What is Green Clay used for? Soap, Detox, Internally

Know more about French green clay uses in soaps, detox and as an internal remedy. French green clay is effective both as an anti-aging and cleansing agent. As a result, therefore, many products are being manufactured to capture all of these beauty benefits. It is no wonder therefore there are soap brands that proudly claim to have this clay as one of the major ingredients.

What is French Green Clay?

French green clay stand for a healing element used by medical practitioner of alternative medicine for internal applications and external cosmetic treatments. It’s a traditional treatment agent used many years in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt to heal digestive disorders and different skin problems.

From the mineralogy viewpoint, it can be categorized under the subcategory of illite clays. These are clay minerals. The other two main groups are smectite and kaolinite clays.

Overall, these minerals are vital since they constitute a big fraction of related common rocks which include shale. They are also the primary soil components.

Usually, illite powders are a product of changes in minerals rich in aluminum by acidic ground water and heat or by weathering.

More often, they come combined with kaolinite clays, a common raw material in the ceramics industry. Environmental managers have successfully used this clay drain out heavy metals like chromium, cadmium, and lead from industrial wastewater.

The name ‘French green clay’ was adopted from the fact that the southern France was the first place rock quarries enjoyed a virtual production monopoly. That remained so until similar mud deposits were discovered in Wyoming, Montana, and China.

The clay’s green color is due to the mixture of decomposed plant matter and iron oxides, mostly algae such as kelp seaweed among others. It worthiness, in comparison with its bright colored counterparts is regarded a bit less valuable.

Montmorillonite is another components contained in this green powder. Other elements include cobalt, selenium, copper, silicon, aluminum, zinc, phosphorous, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and dolomite.

French Green Clay Uses

You can use French green clay for both external and internal purposes. Here are some of the most reported applications of this product:

Green Powder for Digestive Disorders

It’s mostly used internally in North America and in Europe, but a few healers of alternative medicine in America prefer gargling or drinking with its solutions to treat gastric disorders like nausea, cleanse their digestive tract, relieve sore throats, or ease menstrual cramps.

Some people assert that it can be used to absorb toxins from your intestines and stomach and also to deactivate radioactivity in your body.

One French naturopath claims that it can be used to fight infections due to its copper ingredient. The cobalt in this clay assists to inhibit anemia, the selenium acts as an ant-ageing agent and also helps liver function. The remaining minerals restore the overall equilibrium of your body.

Healing Clay for Poultices

This is another common use of this healing powder. That encompasses poultices to treat sprains, sore muscles, and arthritis.

Green Mud for Cuts and Bruises

You can apply this ready-to-use pastes to any area of your skin with minor burns, stings, insect bites, bruises, and cuts. It helps to relive the inflicted pain.

Treatment Clay for Inflammation

Some alternative medicine practitioners maintain that it contains plant matter that has bactericidal or antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

It is fascinating that in 2002, some Italian researchers suggested that the effectiveness of this clay powder is comparable to salicylic sugar powder. That is due to its ability to prevent infection of the newborns’ umbilical stump.

This product was found by the researchers to contain certain superior powders with fuchsine, antibiotics, or colloidal silver.

Green Clay for Skin

Canada and the United States are two countries famous for using this healing mud for cosmetic purposes. They use it as a unique product from medicinal treatments.

It is applied as a suitable treatment for skin stimulation and getting rid of impurities from your surface layer of skin cells, also called the epidermis.

You can use it as an adsorbing agent of skin cell impurities because they have ability to slough off dead cells.

They can also help to arouse blood flow to the epidermis.

French Clay for Hair

The clarifying hair mask can be made from French clay for use as a milder alternative to old clarifying shampoos. Unlike traditional hair shampoos, it has montmorillonate constituent that cannot leave your hair excessively dry or strip it of its natural oils.

French Green Clay Face Mask

You can use this mud to make a mask for purifying your face. It has montmorillonate mineral which can fabulously clear all your skin problems. It can be applied daily if you have trouble spots or weekly if the case is otherwise.

French Healing Mud for Total Body Detox Bath

Some users have reported that it is amazing at pulling out heavy metals and toxins from the body. Thus, total immersion of your body in montmorillonate bath of the mixture of this powder is a profound therapeutic skin treatment.

French Clay for Acne

You can use this clay to solve the problems of your acne-prone skin. When applied, it can act like a drawing magnet to remove skin impurities, assist in enhancing blood circulation, and help your oil skin glands to function optimally.

It’s also known to treat acne because it can exfoliate your skin of all dead cells, thereby tightening the pores.

Thus, if you have clogged or acneic skin, this could be your remedy since it can be applied to all types of skin including normal ones.

Green Clay for Dogs

There is a well-known incidence took place in France where several dogs survived after having been poisoned. This incident happened because the dogs’ drinking water was mixed with this clay.

Well, what does that mean? As stated earlier, the green powder can be used to absorb impurities in the body tissues, counteracting and pulling out.

It can also be applied to adsorb impurities. That means that it can only drain out the scums that are in the body liquid such as bile, lymph, or blood in a form of suspension.

Therefore, you can use this clay to minimize your dog’s toxicity if poisoned with dangerous elements.

How to Use French Green Clay Internally

You can safely use French Green Clay internally. It has been used that ways for decades. It can offer you many benefits including fostering liver and digestive functions, help in the digestion of food nutrients as well as boosting your body’s immune system.

Taking a concoction of this product such as a blend of 8 ounces of water with one teaspoon of this clay on a day-to-day basis on an empty stomach can be very helpful to you.

But, there reports suggesting that taking this mud can cause certain side effects.

A report by eytonsearth.org claims that the use of this proclaimed healing powder internally is not good for those with disorders such as iron intolerance.

It’s also not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure conditions and also under prescribed medication. Therefore, you need strict medical supervision if you are under such conditions to use it.

French Green Clay Soap

French Green clay can be used to make soap. Clays worldwide are well-known in posh settings such as spas due to their power of removing toxins and sucking impurities from the skin.

Soap made from the Green powder has added natural color minus addition of any artificial ingredients.

You can use clays like bentonite and kaolin to add a creamy, silky feel to this type of soap. Other clays are added to make it moderately exfoliating.

Usually, the soap’s lather has a silky, nice feel because of the green clay ingredient. Funny enough, its bubbles are never green, in case you are speculating.

The shape of the soap you want can be produced in molds made from PVC pipes. The molds should be lined to produce logs of this soap before cutting to size.

This soap has moisturizing qualities because it contains Shea Butter. The ingredient also makes it harder with a creamy and stable lather.

A small quantity of Castor oil of up to 5% to ensure it has lathering and moisturizing properties.

How much French Green Clay to Add to Soap?

Working with clay to make soap is very easy. You can generally add to a soap recipe at the ratio of one pound of soaping oils for every 2 teaspoon of this powder. For example, for a soap recipe with 32 oz of oils, you will need 4 teaspoons of green clay.

You can easily add this mud to your soap by combining the healing dust into warm oils. This should be done before adding your water or lye.

Add the clay after the oils have completely melted and blend with a stick blender. Ensure the mud is fully incorporated. The entire batch will have the clay evenly dispersed if you employ this approach.

French Green Clay Detox

Other than water, air, and sun, one of the vital elements of French green clay are minerals that make it one of the best agent of detoxifying your body. It’s an oldest and powerful way of gaining your physical health.

It has been used in this regard for many generations before us, especially in ancient Egypt, its healing power is famous. Pharaohs were mummified and treated using this green clay

According to Pedanius Dioscorides, it has extraordinary powers to heal nearly any disease you have in your body because of its “divine intelligence”.

To date, studies are still underway to uncover how this magical product clearly works. To some people, the clay has unique absorbing power that makes it able to absorb all pathogens and impurities from the body.

To others, they say that it has a special “intelligence”. To them, this property gives it the ability to find and eliminate all breakdowns in the human body’s functioning.

But, there are those who still relate this French clay with its negative charge which makes it to bind and attract all positively charged particles.

These elements found in your body include toxins, viruses, and bacteria among others. It binds and eliminates them through your digestive system or tract.

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