French Green Clay Benefits: for Hair, Internal Use, Buy

What are the benefits of using french green clay for hair? Can the clay be used internally? Read this article to learn answers to all these and similar questions. I will also examine the different places you can buy this Green Montmorillonite Clay. Enjoy!

Common Uses of Green Clay

There are diverse known common uses of french green clay. Here are a few of these beauty and medicinal application of this product:

  1. Facial Masks: You can a paste from healing mud by combining about two spoonful of it a couple of water drops, green tea, aloe vera juice, floral water, or some essential oils. You can then use it as a face mask. It has ability to suck a large amount of crap from your pores, which is highly recommended for health and beauty skin benefits.
  2. Sore Sprains and Muscles: A pack of this clay speeds up healing of sore sprains and muscles because it enhances blood flow.
  3. Shaving Soap: Used to make bath soap. It adds more slip to the bar’s lather, making it perfect for shaving. It also adds to the batch, a pleasant natural color.
  4. Whole Body Wrap: You can spend a day with a DIY spa to save your money. When mixed with any essential oils and water, this powder can make a powerful paste you can use on the entire body in your empty bathtub. Buff off when somehow dry. And there you go, a superb exfoliation!
  5. Instant Heal: If you have old owie that has taken time to heal, use a mask from this clay because it can really help speed up the healing process. A considerable improvement will be noticed the following day if you add a little polysporin at the end.

French Green Clay Benefits

These are some the best benefits you should expect when using French green clay on your skin:

Regulates Skin Oil

Do you have oily skin? No need to worry because you have a remedy in this clay mask. It helps to soak up excess oils on the skin surface and within the pores, leaving you with soft, clean and fresh skin!

Clarifies Hair

As an alternative to the use of harsh clarifying shampoos, which have nasty effects on your hair such as product build up and stripping it its natural oils, consider applying it.

It moderately gets rid of dead cells from the hair and scalp, excess oiliness, dandruff, product build-up without drying and being harsh.

Clears Marks

You can really incorporate this product in your daily treatment routine to clear away dark and brown marks on your skin. It’s used as a treatment for skin spots, face cleanser, and facial mask.

Eliminates Scums from Pores

This product, just like any other natural clays have one primary use which is to pull out totally scums trapped in skin pores.

It sucks out the entire gunk such as bacteria, pollution, dirt, dead cells, and stale sebum among others by this powder. Facial mask made from this material can thus help to purify your skin.

Natural constituent of Deodorant

It can also be used as a natural deodorant! Just like you can use bentonite clay as your constituent of deodorant, this green clay can as well be used for the same purpose.

It can do more than detoxifying your under arms because you can use to soothe sensitive skin, absorb sweat, and neutralize bad odor.

Firms and Tones Skin

Are you in need of an instant face lift? Well, you can try this product. It has the ability to tighten your skin. Subsequently, it helps tone your skin, firm sagging skin, and reduce large pores.

To get a great product, combine this healing mud with aloe vera juice and use the product as a face mask to firm your skin.

Exfoliates Skin

Need to smoothly exfoliate your skin minus being very rough? Give this clay a shot! It’s known to have a somewhat coarse texture needed to assist you slough off dead skin cells. It can do that without leaving your skin feeling irritated and dry.

Organic Face Cleanser

Do you believe that this mud can be used to cleanse your face?! That’s true! You can use it as your natural cleanser that can help in the removal of dead skin cells, stale oils, and dirt from your face.

Intensely Nurtures Skin Cells

This is a bio product with abundance in trace minerals like zinc, copper, phosphorous, silica, magnesium, aluminum, and calcium.

All these constituents help to nourish your skin cells and generally keep it healthy by nourishing them.

Homemade Toothpaste

This clay can as well be used in the production of homemade toothpaste for your bright clean teeth!

Detoxifies Skin

It’s famous for its super detoxification properties. It contains negatively charged ions that play a role in attracting and neutralizing their counterparts in impurities, heavy metals, and toxins which are positively charged. When mixed with any liquid like water or hydrosols, this powder become activated.

Cools Irritated Skin

This element of green clay is among the best beauty benefits you can get from the use of this product because it’s gentle on skin. If you have an irritated skin, apply this paste because it has ability to calm and soothe wound up red skin.

In regards to those with skin diseases such as psoriasis, rashes, and eczema, they can use it to make a paste to offer them soothing relief.

Green Clay Hair

You need green clay to detox your hair. It’s proven that it can be of many benefits for your hair, just like it helps other body parts.

When applied in hair, it aids in removal of toxins, leaving behind super-clean hair with incredible shiny volume. If you fancy other shampoos which sometimes fail to work for all types of hair, try this one.

It has ingredients that make it perfect for your regular use especially is you have naturally oily or fine hair. It leaves it very clean after use.

The mud is also good news for people with frizzy or coarse hair. That is because this clay has ability to tame such kind of hair.

Experts encourage you to give this product a try if what you are using now isn’t working for you.

Where to Buy French Green Clay

French green clay can be bought from retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers located across markets worldwide. For those who want to buy it at wholesale, try this website:

They sale it in bulk and their product can be applied for all clay therapy. They have exceptional blends that can suit your special purpose too.

You can also find it in beauty and health stores in France under a different brand name from “french green clay”. It can be found in other places other than France by the name healing clay.

This site, can help you locate and buy it. The most common healing clay you can find here is Argiletz Green Illite Clay.

It should be noted that V.E. Irons Inc. also stocks this product as well.

Kaolin Powder Clay can be found at To purchase, visit They have attractive prices with most brands ranging between $10 and $20.

Green clay soap, powder, and masks are sold at They have green clay powder, masks, spa, and detox for your skin. through its website, is another place you can check. They have a variety of clay masks including white, red, purple, brown, beige, and pink colors.

French Green Clay Canada

In Canada, you can buy French green clay from retail stores. They have a range of packages ranging from as small as 57 grams to 6.6 lb. sold from as low as $4 to $80 in cosmetic clay and body care supplies. Thus, it shall depend on the size you want.

Some of these retailers can be found in Surrey, BC Canada V3S 6J8, along Enterprise Way, 14 – 19257. You can also contact them for more details at

French Green Clay Australia

In Australia, you may find it at N-Essentials. They stock French Green Argiletz Clay Powder. It’s an effective powder in refreshing, tightening, and cleaning your skin.

If you are in this country, try to order the product online at

They sell superfine healing powder and deliver it to interested buyers across the country. Their price range from $7 a piece and above.

French Green Clay Capsules

You can buy French green clay capsules for internal use. They are excellent organic detox diet energy pills for great bargain.

There are many sellers of these tablets found in different markets. The most famous ones are in countries like Portugal.  If you are in this country, place your order online at They have market friendly prices. You can buy with as little as $4. Alternatively, you can try to physically locate these shops in Lisboa, Portugal.

For international buyers, the price may vary subject to additional charges and customs processing.

Another international supplier of these capsules is eBay. You can make enquiries online on their site,

Green Clay-like Poop in Baby/Newborn or Toddler Stools

Most upcoming parents find baby poo very astonishing. They do not know how it should look like. They have several consistencies and shades that even old parents may have no knowledge or seen them all.

You can have some idea about a normal stool from this image. From it, you will have insights regarding what is right and what’s not as you watch your baby grow, takes formula or breast milk, and begin to eat solid foods.

French Green Clay Detox Skin

You can buy from many natural French green clay products for detoxification of your oily skin in the market.

Their offer is sometimes a combination of different health and cosmetic ingredients. Thus, it can be good for detoxing several skin problems.

It can help you deal effectively with oily and acne prone skin disease. They sell it at approximately $18, subject to where you find it.

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