French Green Clay Mask, Recipe, Powder, DIY

What is french green clay mask used for? How can I make french green clay mask powder at home? Read this article and learn more on recipe and DIY tips for this amazing clay mask for face. I will also explain how the clay works on the skin to get rid of blemishes

What is Green Clay Mask?

Also known as illite (Green Montmorillonite Clay), French Green Clay denotes a mineral-rich, natural bio-organic clay. It’s found in a commune called Montmorillon in France, a basis for its name.

For many years now, this clay has been used to absorb a range of important minerals made from dead plant materials. This clay has a variety of healing elements such as Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Silica, montmorillonite (Bentonite), and Calcium among others.

This clay is naturally sun-dried after being excavated from the ground. The minerals are activated by sunshine.

Contrary to what the name suggest, it’s not true that this earth dust is mined from France or is always green in color. It comes in many colors such as pink, yellow, white, red, or green based on the season or the depth at which it is dug.

Similarly, it’s also not a fact that France is the source of all French green clay. The term was just coined by the world market because of the monopoly of supply that was once held by French quarries.

The mud’s green color is because it contains decomposed content of plant matter and iron oxide. Remarkable!

How Does the French Green Clay Mask Work?

Spas widely use French Green Clay mask to help get rid of the dead skin cells. As a result, it enhances the flow in the new healthy skin cells found under the epidermis.

According to the suggestion by Mountain Rose Herbs, this sea mud, also traded as Sea Clay is among the beauty and health products with the most effective, most majestic, and enormous absorbent powers. The reason being, it contains valuable micro molecules.

Literally, it draws impurities, toxic substances, and oils from your skin. It stimulates your skin with the help of its toning action by refilling damaged skin cells with fresh blood, tightening pores, and revitalizing the complexion.

It’s evident that the clay acts like a sponge to assist attract or remove toxins from your skin. Usually, people use it to treat acne problems, for mud poultices and packs, and on oilier skins

It’s also reported that when this clay is mixed with a bathtub and soaking your skin in it helps to reduce petty skin irritations.

To use it, prepare a thin paste by combining one tablespoon of this sea mud with some filtered water. Next, rub the mask on the target area on your face and wait for about 8 minutes to rinse.

Moisturize your face after washing off the mask any desirable product such as coconut oil. You will love it because it can make your skin feel incredible after applying the clay mask.

Green Clay Powder

The bio-mineral composition of green clay powder has been recommended by practitioners of alternative medicine therapeutic treatment for different health problems. It’s mostly used in Pelotherapy.

It’s also used for skin detoxification and for medicinal and beauty benefits.

Mountain Rose Herbs, manufacturers of organic botanical brands in Oregon, this powder is recognized for its effective fight against inflammation in acne.

It can aid in tightening pores and removal of impurities on your skin. Some people love it for full-body treatment. It helps to soften rough, dry skin.

Studies were done at Arizona State University to explore its ability to treat Buruli Ulcer, a deadly bacteria disease in 2007. The research found that this dust is good at combating this disease which causes large skin ulcers.

World Health Organization assert that this disease needs early antibiotic treatment because if not dealt with in time, it causes permanent deformities and sometimes death related to secondary infections.

Other skin diseases inhibited by this powder include Mycobacterium marinum. This is bacterial pathogens found to contribute to severe and at times drug-resistant skin contamination.

Green Clay Powder How to Use

You can best use green clay powder when blended with fruit juice, aloe juice, hydrosols, or mineral-rich filtered water. When combining, use ceramic or glass bowls and wooden spatulas and not metallic implements. That is because metallic equipment can reduce its efficacy because of ionic exchange disruption

External Use of French Green Clay Powder

The use of a clay mask is the best external way of applying this healing green product on your skin. You can blend an appropriate amounts of this powder with water to make enough mud for your mask.

Professionals recommend the use of non-metallic equipment and your finger to combine the ingredients to get the best outcome. By so doing, you can feel or know if the entire the dry clay is thoroughly combined.

You should ensure that it is sufficiently thick and consistently spread with ease.

Evenly and carefully spread the mask across your face while avoiding your lips and eyes. Let it dry for approximately 20 minutes. Wash it off using pat dry and warm water.

Where to Buy Green Clay Powder

Green clay powder products can be bought from any health stores and at natural product shops. Alternatively, it can be found at eBay at or Amazon at Amazon-com. They have interesting offers for you.

Mountain Rose Herbs is also the place you can buy this clay through their website Their products are famous for having enormous absorbent powers. Thus, they are very effective in treating various skin problems.

Nature’s Garden also stocks this product. You can visit their site for more information.

Sold Manufacturer Direct sells it in bulk at They have low price, high quality powder.

 Green Clay Mask Recipe

The recipe for homemade green clay mask for skin and face is simple. This formula can produce a natural and very effective clay mask. That is because its capacity to absorb surplus sebum on skin is very high.

This is a natural powder ingredient good for acne and oily prone skin. It will help to keep your skin more balanced.


  • 3 teaspoons of French green clay
  • A little amount of mineral water because tap water has chlorine that may compromise the positive gains of any natural product including this one and can as well irritate sensitive skin types.
  • A few drops of natural essential oil (preferably jojoba oil, argon oil, or almond oil, which is powerful for treating acne breakouts)


  1. Depending on the target area, pour about 3 teaspoons of this clay in a plastic or glass bowl. More clay would be required for use on your neck, but the 3 teaspoon are enough for face application.
  2. Since this powder if found in a thin form, dissolving it into water can be very easy.
  3. Slowly and carefully add water and combine thoroughly till you have a smooth, homogenous paste, which is neither too stable nor too drippy.
  4. Follow labelled manufacturer instructions when mixing the powder with water.
  5. Lastly, combine some little droplets of essential oil you prefer to end up with a moisturizing effect. Since one of the reasons for using this clay mask on your face to keep a balanced level of the naturally produced serum of your skin.

NB: A few drops of essential oils like argon oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil are used to get a product with moisturizing effect needed to soften your skin.

French Green Clay Mask Acne Scars and Blackheads

Acne scars and blackheads can be cleared through the use of French green clay mask. A majority of seasoned French cosmetologists used it to work in the former colony of France.

Therefore, their price must be 2 or 3 times lower compared to those found in France. Tunisian spa tours have gained more popularity worldwide because of it.

So, do you desire to be beautiful!? Well, try this product to get rid of those annoying dark and brown spots on your skin today.

Luxurious cosmetologists use it to treat similar problems across the world. The entire treatment can take up to 12 days. Gently massage the affected area on your face with this pleasant smelling cream mask for about 20 minutes.

Take a photo of your face after the treatment. You will be amazed at how beautiful your face will be looking after using it.

French Green Clay Mask Benefits

These are some of the common benefits of applying natural French Green Clay on your body and face skin.

  1. Detoxifying: They can help to get rid of impurities and toxins out of your skin.
  2. Exfoliating: This product washes and moderately exfoliates your skin

This green clay is famous due to its high absorbency ability. It has the capacity to withstand its enormous weight in liquid form. Meaning, when mixed with water, it can still hold and attract impurities before rinsing your face.

Given such properties, the powder is very effective and recommended by experts for dealing with various skin concerns such as acne prone or clogged and oily skin.

It’s applicable to any type of skin because it’s mild. Thus, you can incorporate it in your routine beauty skin treatments.

French Green Clay Mask Before and After

french green clay mask before and after

The outcome of your efforts, before and after treating your skin problems with French green clay mask can be deduced from these images:

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