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Dragon Fruit Nutrition: How to eat Pitaya

Dragon Fruit Calories 100g

For people who are looking for delicious and filling fruits which can help you keep your body weight in check, then dragon fruit calories 100g is your remedy. It has 60 calories which entail 18 unsaturated fat calories, 34 calories generated from carbohydrates, and 8 calories created from protein.

Dragon fruit taste

Dragon fruit, also called Pitaya, has no considerable taste. The flavor and consistency of dragon fruit taste resembles that of a white kiwi.

Dragon fruit looks elegant because of its resemblance of themed object or an insignia. But many people say that its appearance is not that appealing to them. Pitaya has a blend taste similar to a kiwi, which is known for having a strong taste. It has both little sourness and sweetness.

Nonetheless, we have people who regard this fruit a delicacy and have dared to taste it. In most marketplaces and stores, we seldom experience such encounters.

Dragon fruit is actually one of the strangest fruits we have today. That is due to the fruit’s actual flesh and general appearance.

Nevertheless, what stands out is the bland part. That is why most people find it to have a mild flavor. It’s not a taste that is truly good for most people.

But dragon fruit is an edible food rich in important nutrients that help to keep your body healthy.

Dragon Fruit Recipes

Some of the common healthy recipes of dragon fruit include:

  1. Dragon Fruit Salsa: It’s good for a Mexican dinner. It involves mixing dragon fruits with lime juice, cilantro, and onions to improve a meal. Take the Salsa with chips, combine with grilled masterpiece or sprinkle it on tacos to enjoy the meal.
  2. Pitaya Parfait: It’s a dragon fruit recipe that yields between two to four parfaits of edible food art made from integrated berries. Preparation of guilt-free parfait involves flagellation of smashed crust of dried cinnamon, dates, and mulberries. Then, layer pitaya mix and the crust in your preferred top and glass with a variety of fruit. Blend and match the dragon berries to form the parfaits.
  3. Pitaya Pancakes, Pineapple and Coconut: Marry pitaya smoothie packs with stevia drops and pineapple juice you have your dragon fruit recipe ready to go.
  4. Pink Dragon Fruit Soda: It’s an organic foolproof dragon fruit recipe which involves mixing dragon fruit with a hint of sweetness, soda water, and lime juice. For sugar free recipe, use stevia as opposed to a simple syrup.
  5. Dragon Fruit Smoothie: This is a mild recipe that blend well other fruits to give a unique fruit flavor of your smoothie game. To prepare the recipe, take taste buds to a new level by mixing with pineapple, coconut water, and bananas to your pink dragon fruit. It will give you an appealing punchy, bright color.
  6. Dragon Fruit Pudding: This elegant snacks does not have any store-bought sweet dishes. It has no preservatives. Its favor is sophisticated and good for a classic after-school delicacy. To prepare it, combine rambutan with dragon fruit.


Dragon Fruit How to eat – Pitaya

There are many ways through which you can prepare and eat dragon fruit: It encompasses the following procedure:

  1. Get your dragon fruit.Finding dragon fruit is the most difficult part of eating it, based on where you are located. The fruit is not common in Europe and the United States but can be easily be found in Asia. Try to check for dragon fruit in your local Asian markets.
  2. Choose ripe fruit.One with the required dragon fruit nutrition is either pink or bright red in color. Just like a peach or a Kiwi, a fully ripe fruit tastes best.
    • Press the fruit’s flesh. It’s ripe when it has a tiny give. The fruit is overripe if too soft, meaning it has a bad texture. If hard, let it take a couple of days to ripe before you eat it.
    • Shun dragon fruit with dry spines, brown dry spots, or bruises or dark blotches.
  3. Cut the fruit into half.Slice through the dragon fruit by a sharp knife. Inside, you will see bright white flesh with evenly distributed tiny black seeds that appears like a kiwi.
  4. Using a spoon, scoop the flesh out.Track a spoon end to end on the periphery of the skin. Then and there, scoop underneath the fruit to release the flesh. The fruit easily splits from the skin if well ripe.
  5. Consume the dragon fruit.Serve the flesh straight into your mouth. Just like an apple, cut the fruit into quarters. You can also make a cool design by cutting it into fifths.
    • The taste of dragon fruit is delicious cold. You can refrigerate the fruit to improve its taste.
    • Avoid eating the skin of dragon fruit. That is because you can have a stomach ache if you consume the skin. The skin is poisonous.

(INSERT PICTURES AFTER EACH PROCEDURE: http://www.wikihow.com/Eat-Dragon-Fruit)

Dragon Fruit Benefits on Skin

Dragon fruits contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that contribute to the betterment of your health. The common skin dragon fruit nutrition we know include:

  1. Vitamin Content:There are plenty of vitamins in dragon Fruit. They encompass vitamin-C which comprises the B vitamin group. The high vitamin content in this fruit helps to improve the running of a number of your body organs. They control your cholesterol levels, skin health, and blood pressure. Other benefits include carbohydrate metabolism and thyroid function.
  2. Anti-fungal and Antibacterial: Golden dragon fruit has antibacterial and antifungal qualities that play the role of protecting your body from bacterial and fungal infection. It helps to increase your body’s white blood cell count. The cells are vital for defending you against toxins.

They also help to inhibit the growth or entrance of bacterial and fungal contaminations in the body organ systems. The vitamins further help to speed up healing and stimulate cell regeneration. Thus, bruises and wounds heal faster when you take these fruits.

Dragon Fruit Juice Nutrition Benefits

  1. Active Antioxidants: They form part of dragon fruit nutrition and play an integral part in getting rid of your body’s cancer-producing properties and free radicals.
  2. Heart Healthy: Dragon fruit juice can help to solve issues related to cardiovascular health. It has a wonderful superpower essential for suppressing or reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in your body.
  3. Fill Up On Fiber: It’s another dragon fruit nutrition which helps to cleanse the digestive system of your body. It’s rich in fiber content, essential for dealing with problems of constipation and poor digestion. The seeds and flesh of dragon fruit has high amount of good protein that can help to keep your body satisfied and fortified.

Dragon Fruit Medicinal & medical benefits

Some of the medical benefits of eating dragon fruit are:

  1. Anti-Aging: To keep your skin firm and tight, you need to regularly eat a dragon fruit. It has antioxidants that play a big role in doing that.

They are good at fighting off free radicals in your body, which are found to health problems including cancer. There is plenty of vitamin C content in dragon fruit, which is the primary source of antioxidants.

It also helps to inhibit premature aging. It contains high amount of cell regulatory components like the phospholipids and phosphorus. These are the main constituents of cellular membranes that help to stop early aging.

  1. Diabetes: Fiber is a dragon fruit nutrition and is essential in stabilizing the sugar levels of your blood. Sugar spikes you experience after consuming foods with high glycemic index can also be inhibited by eating dragon fruit regularly. Thus, consistent ingestion of this fruit helps to contain common problems related to diabetes.

Golden Dragon Fruit Benefits

The main benefits of eating golden dragon fruits include:

  1. Improves digestion: We have many phytonutrients in dragon fruits, which contains high levels of antioxidants. In these antioxidants are protein, carotene, different B vitamins, good polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin C, comparable to about 10% of your daily value. The B vitamins helps in the digestion of carbohydrates.
  2. Strengthens teeth and bones: It has calcium as its main dragon fruit nutrition needed for stronger teeth and bones.
  3. Prevents prostate cancer: Dragon fruit has a component called lycopene, which contributes to the red color. Research link this component with reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Green Dragon Fruit Benefits

The main benefits of eating green dragon fruit include:

  1. A source of vitamin C: Green dragon fruit is very rich in vitamin C, an amount that is three times and more that found in carrots and equal to that you can get from oranges. This nutrient is good for strengthening your body immune system.

Eating green dragon fruit is also the best way you can get antioxidants that help to promote the general health. Antioxidants are lead to a beautiful skin as well.

  1. Supplies fiber: Consumption of green dragon fruit is your natural constipation remedy. Its seeds have robust laxative properties. Thus, they can help at stimulating bowel movement. Fiber found in green dragon fruit is amongst the nutrients that leads it its laxative properties.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Benefits

Amazing health benefits of eating dragon fruit people never knew include:

  1. Maintaining eye health: If you eat yellow dragon fruit, you get more vitamin A as opposed to other dragon fruits. Vitamin A helps to prevent eye disorders and maintain eye health.
  2. Improved appetite: Yellow dragon fruit is rich in vitamin B complete. Consumption of this fruit activates for better your appetite.
  3. Helps moisturize skin: Yellow dragon fruit has high water levels that has various benefits to your body. Other than being useful in enhancing the health of your body organs, the water also helps to moisturize the skin internally and externally.

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