Where to buy Dragon Fruit, Seeds and Tree

Where Can I Get Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits are matured and reaped in Southeast Asia. Its origin is in America, from fruits harvested from a cactus tree. You can get this fruit from various grocery stores and retail chain stores such as Tesco, Walmart, Asda, Amazon, and Target among others.

You can as well purchase dragon fruits online at Alibaba, eBay, Amazon.com, and Target.com. Perhaps some stores in the Asian market, especially in Dublin could be selling them. Some people have seen dragon fruit being sold on Exchequer St in Fallon & Byrne.

Given that this fruit is very popular in China because it’s consumed as garnish for cakes and in drinks and salads, they should be available in most supermarkets. A majority of these supermarkets should be stocking mountains of mini dragon fruit too.

Dragon Fruit Plant for Sale

The most popular dragon plants sold in the market include:

  • David Bowie Dragon fruit vines
  • Neitzel Dragon fruit vines
  • Costa Rican Sunset Dragon fruit vines
  • American beauty Dragon fruit vines
  • Bloody Mary Dragon fruit vines
  • Alice Dragon fruit vines
  • Cosmic Charlie Dragon fruit vines
  • Thai Dragon, Dragon fruit vines
  • Dark Star Dragon fruit vines
  • Yellow Dragon fruit vines

Some of the popular places you can buy dragon fruit plant include:

  • Colocasia Elephant ear plant
  • Blueberry Plants Vaccinium
  • Alocasia Elephant ear plants
  • Canna lily Cannaceae plants
  • Blackberry plants Rubus
  • Banana tree plants
  • Caladium Elephant ear plants

You can also get this plant from Florida Hill Nursery. It’s an online tropical internet platform from which you can buy these plants. They have a collection of a varied assortment of Dragon fruit hylocereus plants, just for you to select from globally. The most common dragon fruit plant sold here include:

  • Kiwi actinidia vines
  • Tropical plants and trees
  • Elephant ear plants
  • Tropical fruit trees
  • Terrarium plants
  • Subtropical fruit trees
  • Orchids
  • Fruit -n- Berries plants
  • Iris plants
  • Philodendron plants
  • Ginger Alipinia plants
  • Syngonium plants
  • Muscadine Vitus Grape Vine plant

Dragon Fruit Seeds

Dragon fruit seeds are native in Southern Mexico through Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. They are planted in tropical climates worldwide.

Dragon fruit seeds are usually very fragile and small in size, thus, should be handled with great care. You should also take care during watering of these seeds. That is because jostling the soil may completely submerge the seeds in the soil and make them not to rot and break the soil surface.

You can buy dragon fruit seeds from different retail chain stores and wholesale seed stores in markets across the world. More often, dragon fruit, also known as Strawberry Pear or Pitahaya, has red colored, round fruit mostly covered with scales. It has a thin rind which enclose the huge quantity of small black seeds and sweetly flavored red or white pulp. Some varieties are either yellow or pinkish.

Where to Buy Dragon Fruit Seeds

Seedville by Golden wheat fields is among many gardeners who sale dragon fruit seeds, especially Hylocereus Undatus Cactus ones. We also have other interesting varieties sold online by DHgate.com including Interesting Bonsai Plant, Delicious Fruit Mini Potted Fruit Tree Seeds, and Rich nutrition Dragon fruit seeds.

Dragon fruit seeds are also available online from dragon fruit seeds wholesalers in China. DHgate.com s one seller who can help you buy these seeds.

Some of the prominent manufacturers of dragon fruit seeds Include:

  • dragon kind manufacturers
  • jinhao golden dragon manufacturers
  • dragon totem manufacturers
  • 18cm train dragon manufacturers
  • dragon dream manufacturers

Dragon Fruit Seedlings

To get dragon fruit seedlings, you can germinate them by yourself. Choose the seeds from the dragon fruit one by one and leave them on a paper cloth to dry up. You should completely separate the seeds from the flesh by tapping on the seeds lightly with the paper cloth.

You should cut and shape the paper cloth to fit in your container. Put a layer vermiculite in your container. Soak the paper tower by generously watering the vermiculite, but ensuring that the seeds are not covered by the water. The vermiculite will gradually absorb the water and expand.


Sprouting Dragon Fruit Seeds

Afterward, use another layer of vermiculate to conceal the seeds. However, it should be too thick since that could hinder sprouting of the seeds.


Propagating Dragon Fruit Seeds

Vapor the upper coating a little while ensuring there is sufficient water at the bottom also to moist this layer as well. Thereafter, leave the container on your house opening to sill. Sprouting seeds does not require direct sunlight but warmness. Since this is the stage of seed germination, make sure that they are not dry by regularly misting them to ensure they remain moist.


Dragon Fruit Seeds Germination

You will be surprised that the seeds will start sprouting after 2 days or so, but not exceeding 5 days. Continue keeping the sprouts mist.

Dragon Fruit Juice

You can prepare a simple dragon fruit juice with red color. Many people are skeptical when it comes to trying new drinks including these fruit juice.

These fruit juice is found in grocery and wet market stores. Other than the red variety, we have yellow, green, and white varieties of dragon fruit as well. They have several small black seeds which makes it difficult to swallow the whole fruit.

However, you can prepare or buy pitaya or dragon fruit juice. You can easily make it at home. The juice is sold across the markets including the Indian markets.

Recipes for Dragon fruit juice

Cuisine of the recipe: Continental

Category of the Recipe: Drinks
Time for Preparation: 5 minutes

Time for Cooking: 0 minutes

Serves: Approximately 3 people


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 Dragon fruit
  • ½ teaspoon Lemon zest
  • 3 teaspoons Sugar or as needed


  1. Slice the dragon fruit into two pieces.
  2. Use a strong spoon to scoop the pulp. Roughly cube it and put in a blender.
  3. Add lemon zest, juice and simple syrup or sugar.
  4. Combine soundly to juice it, ready to serve.


  • Ensure the fruit is kept refrigerated until you use it
  • For extra punch, add a small ginger piece
  • If you don’t have sugar, use honey
  • Add water depending on the desired consistency. Put sugar as needed.

Other common dragon fruit juice recipes you can try include Durga Karthik and Sugandhi.

 Dragon Fruit Vitamins

We have several surprising phytonutrients in dragon fruits. It has very high amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants contain numerous B vitamins for metabolism of carbohydrate, good polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin C, comparable to 10% of the value you get daily. Dragon fruit also comprise protein and carotene.

Given its improbable appearance, many people call dragon fruit, a crazy fruit. Although it provides many nutrients such as antioxidants, captin, fiber, calcium, protein, phosphorus, B vitamins, and vitamin C, it has low level of calories.

Studies indicate that this fruit can reduce your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It’s also proven that it strengthens teeth and bones, promotes healthy tissue and blood formation, and strengthen your body’s immune system. Other medical benefits of eating dragon fruit include helping to heal wounds and bruises faster as well as stopping respiratory complications.

Similar to other red fruit available in the grocery and wet market stores, dragon fruit has lycopene, essential to protect you against heart and cancer disease.

To get maximum nutrients from the consumption of this visually exotic, beautiful fruit, eat it ice-cold, sliced into cubes and blended into a smoothie or refreshing drink or added to fruit salad.

Dragon Fruit in Hindi – Where to Buy

You can buy dragon fruit in wet market and grocery stores in Hindi. Alternatively, the fruit may be shopped at Indian Gardening and from other similar gardeners. They sell White Dragon Fruit and also Cactus Pitaya Seeds. You can also buy them at Amazon outdoor and garden sellers. These are other places you can buy these plants. Bottom of Form

Dragon Fruit Plant from India

You can buy dragon fruit plant from one of these suppliers in Hindi:

  • Evergreen Naursery & Farm Developar in Rajkot
  • Kailash Nursery, Gandhinagar
  • Sam Trees in Basirhat, Basirhat
  • Shree Raj Nursery  from Adaf, Anan
  • Gosiba Dragon Fruit Nurseries located in Dattawadi, Nagpur
  • Gujarat Dragon Fruit situated at Sarvaniya, Jamnaga
  • Shreenath Bioplant and Nursery in Motera, Ahmedabad
  • Jalaram Agro,  Navsari
  • Balaji Nursery in Kumbhar Tek, Jalgao
  • Pansare Nursery, Sadashiv Peth, Pune
  • Sundarban Nursery, Talegaon Station, Pun
  • Dragon Fruit Nursery from Buniadpur, Dakshin Dinajpur
  • Niyti Agro Nursery in Mungal Veda, Solapur

Dragon Fruit Plant Wholesalers in Hindi

Alternatively, you can contact these wholesalers to get dragon fruit plants:

  • Mahak India Enterprises, Chanakya Puri, Delhi
  • Malaysian Neem Nursery, Varachha Road, Surat
  • Dev Pvt.Ltd, Tendukheda, Narsinghpur
  • Krushidhan Biotech Pvt.ltd, Shahupuri, Kolhapur

Dragon Fruit Plant Manufacturers in Hindi

We have established manufacturers of dragon fruit plants in Hindi as well. They include:

  • M/s Imran, Binola, Nizamabad
  • Shri Lakhami Narsimha Agro Products, Kagal, Kolhapur
  • Kodag dragon Food Nursery, Jath, Sangli
  • Sun Farming, navsari, Surat
  • Maha Laxmi, Kedgaon, Pune
  • Kailash Nursery & Farm, Koba, Gandhinagar

Dragon Fruit Plantation

The plantation of dragon fruit has many names including Jesus in the Cradle, Belle of the Night, Night blooming Cereus, and Thanh long. Others are Indonesia buah naga, Thai kaeo mangkon, Long guo, Khmer sror kaa neak, nanettika fruit, Cactus fruit, Kaktus madu, Cereus triangularis, and Strawberry Pears.

Depiction of Dragon Fruit Plant

An epiphytic, terrestrial, or vining cactus, mature dragon fruit plants have fleshy stems approximated at a few inches not exceeding 20ft long. This plant can grow over, and out of the ground or use aerial roots to climb onto trees. Flowers of dragon fruit are beautiful and ornate. Like any other interrelated species, they are grown as ornamentals. The flowers blossom only during the night. Pollination of these flowers ordinarily take one night to set fruit. Pitahaya plants usually have between 4 to 6 fruiting cycles annually to reach full production.


Dragon fruit plant commonly withstand short frost periods and temperatures not exceeding 104F.

But then, persistent cold temperatures can kill or damage the plant.

Growing Atmosphere

The best growing environment for dragon Fruit are dry, subtropical, or tropical climates with an annual precipitation ranging from 20 to 50. These plants can grow better in tropical, wet zones. However, they occasionally encounter difficulties setting fruit consistently in such an environment.

Dragon fruit plants are typically not picky to which type of soil they grow. But, given the epiphytic nature of this plant, experts have recommended that people to use soil added with high quantities of organic matter to grow. There are cases where the plant has matured effectively in sandy soils. In hot climates, you can sometimes shade the plant.


By either stem cuttings or seed.

Incubation Details

Germination of dragon fruit seeds is normally easy. However, they exhibit different rates of germination.

Undried or Fresh seeds usually take a shorter period to germinate, typically just a couple of days. On the contrary, dried seeds take longer sprouting days. Time and again, they take about 1 to 4 weeks to germinate. All the same, some groups of dragon fruit seeds may require a maximum of 8 weeks to germinate.

Plant dragon fruit seeds ¼ to1/2 inch deep in sterile, moist soil. Retain a consistent soil temperature of approximately 70F to 85F. The time taken for seed germination can significantly delay in cool soils. To the extreme end, cool soils may completely inhibit seed germination.

Manure or Top Dresser for Growing Dragon Fruit

Use balanced fertilizer to fertilize dragon fruit monthly during the active growing season of the plant. Don’t fertilize the plant during winter season in colder climate. You can as well time and again apply aged compost or manure.

Pollination of Dragon Fruit

Several varieties of dragon fruit self-pollinating. However, we have other types of this fruit which need cross pollination. It you find that your dragon fruit is not able to self-pollinate, you can plant more than one plant closely together to enable cross pollination.

The fact that flowers of dragon fruit are nocturnal, bats and moths play a big role in its pollination. You can also carry out self-pollination of this fruit at night to be assured.


Any moment you see the skin color of dragon fruit turn from bright green to pink or red, harvest it. The fruit is usually ovate to oval in shape, has a lengths of 10 to 15 cm, and develops to maturity after 30 to 50 days subsequent to flowering.

The dragon fruit’s pericarp is scaly and rough and its color is commonly pink. Still, we have also yellow, or red dragon fruits subject to its assortment. The flesh is white and is situated in the interior and has black seeds.

Diseases and Pests

Although it’s proven that we have no specific pests that nag dragon fruit plants, the possibility of fruit and root rot as well as fungal diseases is evident. That happens when the plant is wide-open to too much rain or overwatered.

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