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Dead Sea Salt Scrub: Recipe, Reviews, Face Wash, Hand & Body Scrub

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub has found many applications among beauty enthusiasts. In this article I examine how to use sea salt scrub on face hand and body. I also outline the recipes followed when making face scrubs and face wash. Feel free to share your experience in using this amazing dead sea scrub.

What is Dead Sea Salt Scrub?

Dead Sea salt scrub is a unique combination of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. This rich mineral scrub has the ability to exfoliate, nourish and soften skin thus enabling the skin to regain and remain healthy. As you may know, Dead Sea has unique type of salts used for various beauty and skin conditions.

The scrubs are commonly used to promote skin wellness and health in addition to curing common skin disorders from acne to dry and oily skin alike. It also purifies and detoxifies the body let alone preventing skin illness.

Lower sodium contents and well balanced minerals makes Dead Sea Scrub so special and different from other common salts. They are largely hailed as one of the many remedies for beautifying and nourishing your skin.

Dead Sea Scrub Israel

Israel dead sea scrubs are used for skin care and overall beauty. These scrubs contain Dead Sea salts with a variety of rich nutrients and mineral for a healthy skin.

The benefits are many; ranging from skin purification, nourishing and softening. They are typically used on the hands, face, body and hair.

It is true that any beauty and skin care products containing Dead Sea have proved effective on various types of skin condition. They can be easily ordered from credible online sites such as Amazon and trusted local beauty shops and supermarkets.

Dead Sea Salt Hand Scrub

For those seeking natural skin care and beauty, you need to try out these amazing dead seas salt hand scrubs for use on hands. You can purchase ready-made Dead Sea salt hand scrub in the market.

Always check for genuine products by examining customer’s reviews and purchasing from credible retailers.

With respect to using this product, check out for instructions labeled on purchased products.  Generally, the procedure is very simple, and most involve massaging the substance on the hand skin.

Note that this Dead Sea salts are easily absorbed into the skin to produce great results. Like most dead seas products, the results are mostly instant and you have to wait for long contrary other beauty and skin care products..

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

It is possible to make your own Dead Sea salt scrub for use on the body. There equally so many ready-made commercial dead seas scrubs in the market for use on the body.

Take note that dead salts can be harsh on sensitive skin and use them only once in this regard. For normal skin it is advisable to use them twice a week for better outcome.

The following supplies are required to make Dead Sea salt body scrub at home:

  • one cup of Dead Sea salt,
  • ½ cup of coconut oil
  • approximately 7 drops of essential or fragrance oil of your preference, and
  • a glass container for mixing and holding the solution.

Mix these ingredients and stir well before sealing off the solution.

Dead Sea Salt face scrub and wash

This salt scrub is used to exfoliate dead skin from your face and also getting rid of that oily and dry face. Even though salts can be damaging to most facial skin, sea salt scrubs has been proved to improve complexion, refresh and strengthen the skin making thoroughly cleansed and attractive in appearance.

Note that facial Dead Sea salts are normally designed for oily skins. However, according to most reviews, they can equally work for dry and normal skin if mixed with olive or other essential oils.

Mixing facial salts with mineral cleansers will also provide a thorough and gentle scrub.

Dead Sea Salt face scrub recipe

It is possible to make Dead Sea salt scrub recipe. This will not only save you money, but they are also simple to make. Direction on using Dead Sea salt scrubs for oily facial skin is as follows:

  • Wash your face wet clean and apply or massage gently using Dead Sea salt solution of cream
  • Leave to stay for 10-15 minutes and rinse your face using warm water.
  • Follow up with normal nourishing or Adova or any other moisturizing cream

Dead Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

Dead Sea salt recipes for face, body, hands, foot and other areas are easy and simple to make using common household ingredients with a little of dead sea salt.

The procedures and ingredients may also vary depending on the purpose, type of skin and specific parts of the body. Note that some solution may not be appropriate on facial areas due to sensitivity of the skin.

Dead Sea salt scrubs are meant for those who love dewy, soft and glowing skin. If you are the type who love flaky dragon and dry skin, this salt scrubs are not for you.

The advantage of this salt scrubs relates to its ability to melt into the skin making it firm and elastic.

Ingredients for making Dead Sea salt scrub recipe:

  • 1 cup of finely grinded Dead Sea salt
  • One quarter cup of coconut oil
  • 30 drops of lime or lemon essential oil.

Procedures: Mix these ingredients in a bowl and store them clean preferably in a dark cabinet in airtight container to prevent oxidation. It is always advisable that lemon oil are steam distilled because they are usually cold pressed and hence phototoxic.

Alternative to lime oil is fragrance oils with good scents like peppermint and lavender. However, should you opt for peppermint, then use 20-25 drops maximum because they are very strong.

Dead Sea Salt scrub reviews

Reviews on Dead Sea salt scrub are positive with good feedback. The reviewers present honest opinions of users and I recommend these products for body use. In particular, Spa of The World and Body shop are among the most highly rated Dead Sea salt scrubs.

Dead Sea Salt scrub body shop

Body shop scrub is highly reviewed with 3/5 rating from beauty heaven site members. This is a type of Dead Sea salt body scrub used to invigorate, exfoliate and smoothen the skin.

The price is relatively high at $43 for 350 ml; this price is worth the benefits of this mineral rich Dead Sea product for your skin care and beauty.

Dead Sea Salt scrub with coconut oil

As stated earlier under recipe, coconut oil is essential ingredient in this recipe. The fundamental question is; why use coconut oil? This oil is commonly used in cosmetics for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties as well as moisturizing ability.

Dead Sea Salt body scrub with frankincense oil

This is a popular Dead Sea salt product with amazing scent to users as well as healing and medicinal value for a healthy skin. It is highly concentrated with unique minerals for various skin ailments.

This product retails at cheaper price averagely $8 for 300ml container from Boots.com online site. The product is used on any part of the body from the head to toe for greater benefits.

Dead Sea Salt scrub and lotion

Dead sea salt scrubs and lotions are widely available under various brand names. Take note of contents on the label and instructions before buying to ensure they actually contain sufficient amount of Dead Sea salt for your condition.

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