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Dead Sea Salt Benefits, Minerals and Content

What are the major Dead Sea Salt Benefits? Well, the Dead Sea may not be dead after all. It contains some vital salts that can benefit different parts of your body. Dead Sea salt is rich in vital minerals that can benefit your body if used the right way. Read on to find out why Dead Sea salt should be your next product.

Dead Sea Salt Minerals

There is no doubt that Dead Sea salt is mineral rich. It is the reason the Dead Sea cannot contain any marine animals. The toxicity of the water due to many dissolved minerals make it unbearable for any living organisms.

But to you and me, that is good news because there are at least 21 identified mineral in Dead Sea salt each of which is important for your body. Here are a few noticeable ones that hold the greatest benefit and are found in higher concentrations.

Magnesium: It is known for quick healing of the skin, boosts cell metabolism, is anti-allergenic, and naturally soothes your skin.

Calcium: Strengthens your bones and teeth, cleanses your skin pores, boost skin hydration, and is also good for cell renewal.

Bromide: Calms nerves, relieves your muscles from stiffness and soreness, and clears discolored skin.

Sodium: A skin cleaner, eliminates free radicals on your skin, helps rid your skin of dead cells, and is a natural muscle relaxer.

Potassium: Increases moisture content of and the water retention ability of your skin, soothes the nervous system, and cuts back on puffy skin.

Dead Sea Salt Percentage

Like every salt that occur naturally, you cannot expect the minerals to occur in equal measure. Nature has a way of adding more of the most useful minerals and adding less of the least useful o the minerals which makes Dead Sea salt quite unique. The table below gives you a rough estimate of the major component of Dead Sea salt.

Mineral Dead Sea Salts (%)
Magnesium Chloride 34.09
Potassium Chloride 24.78
Sodium Chloride 4.18
Calcium Chloride 0.40
Bromide 0.32
Sulphate 0.09
Insolubles 0.07
Water of Crystallization 34.4


Now before you probably reach for your dictionary, you need to know that when the word “mineral” is mentioned, it implies more than one element. For example, “magnesium chloride” as a mineral is the combination of magnesium and chlorine.

If magnesium was alone, it could probably not benefit you much, and the same applies to the other elements you see included in the table. Such a richness of minerals can only imply that Dead Sea salt holds many benefits aside that makes it one of the most sought-after products.

Dead Sea Salt Benefits

If you are thinking about buying products containing Dead Sea salt or even raw packaged Dead Sea salt, it would be worthwhile to know some of its benefits.

PS.: Some of these benefits come from using the raw form of sea salt rather than the industrially packaged version. You may want to stick with the unprocessed Dead Sea salt if you hope to get the benefit of dipping yourself in the actual Dead Sea.

Skin purifier and detoxifier

Dead Sea salt has a reputation of restoring the natural look of your skin after a period of use even though most users may not know it how it works. The working bit is the action of the salt’s ingredients removing all the free radicals, dirt, dead cells, germs that breed on your skin, stale and sebum among other debris..


Dead Sea salt is rough and “active” enough to exfoliate your skin and rid it of dead cells, warts, and other uneven protrusion on your skin. You can ditch that scrub you use on your skin and combine Dead Sea salt with a moisturizer such as coconut oil to make an effective exfoliator.

Acne and Bacne remedy

If you got nagging acne, then Dead Sea salt is one of the most effective natural remedies that you can use. It contains sulfur and zinc trace, elements which will clear your itchy your or acne and bacne if used topically.

Effective against dandruff

Dead Sea salt is effective against dandruff. Both sulfur and sodium within the salt work towards eliminating excessive sloughing off of the skin and overproduction of dandruff. Use a mixture of honey, oatmeal, and Dead Sea salt of fine grain to rid your of dandruff.

Anti-aging properties

People have fancied dipping themselves in the Dead Sea due to the water’s ability to reduce wrinkles and the deepening of fine lines. The salt reduced up to 40% of the wrinkles and make the skin look younger and vibrant again.

Antimicrobial properties

Research on Dead Sea salt has shown that the salt is effective against a hoard of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, discoloring, and dermatitis. The salt can be used as home remedy to clear skin diseases, thanks to the combined effect of its constituent minerals such as bromide.


Dead Sea salt contains potassium which is an element known to rebalance water retention in the skin. The rebalancing process of potassium helps clear cellulite and make your skin flexible and lean again. Soaking your body in a solution of Dead Sea salt could be effective against cellulite that is unless you opt for an industrial product that contains sea salt.

Dead Sea Salt Products

The market for Dead Sea salt is immense given the types and variety of products that contain Dead Sea salt as an active ingredient. These products are mostly beauty products that take advantage of the qualities of Dead Sea salt combined with other equally important ingredients.

  1. Bath Salt Solutions: These products combine the detoxifying qualities of Dead Sea salt and other ingredients such as algae extracts, lemon, and sea weed to fight cellulite and rid your body of accumulating toxins.
  2. Mud Mask: Masks may be beneficial to your skin. But masks infused with Dead Sea salts provide a list of benefits that range from smoothening the skin, relaxing the facial muscles, and clearing acne.
  3. Facial Serums: Facial serums are a highly trending category of beauty products. The types that boast of Dead Sea salt as an active ingredient containing anti-aging, skin firming and hydrating qualities.
  4. Shampoo: Dead Sea salt is effective against dandruff by destroying bugs and microbes in your hair and on your scalp. Shampoos containing Dead Sea salt and other beneficial extracts clear dandruff, boost hair growth, and prevent unnecessary breakages.
  5. Hair Spray: Many of the products in this category are tailored towards giving your hair magnificent curls. Apparently, Dead Sea salt gives your hair a youthful appearance. Hair sprays with Dead Sea exploit its advantages when used on hair and other sea weed extracts to curl your hair.
  6. Bar Soap: If you cannot access the Dead Sea to take advantage of its salts, then a bar soap fortified with Dead Sea salt is the nearest you could come to dipping yourself in the Dead Sea. The products are skin friendly and designed to rid you of microbes and restore your skin’s natural processes.
  7. Scrub: There are body and facial scrubs infused with 100% fine grained Dead Sea salt to exfoliate your skin and boost the skin’s moisture retention qualities. The scrubs are packed with such ingredients Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Almond oils as antimicrobials and interventions against warts, acne, and clogged pores.

Dead Sea Salt Lotion and Cream

By far and large, creams and lotions are the most common and some of the most essential beauty products. It is more likely that almost everyone applies lotion or cream to their bodies and faces.

The fact that both products are likely applied simultaneously and stay on the skin the longest makes them crucial applicants more so if they include Dead Sea salt as the primary ingredient.

They also contain such ingredients as vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, and a number of other herbal extracts that moisturize and sooth the skin. Do not be surprised if by using only lotion and cream containing Dead Sea salt, all your skin problems go away.

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