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Dead Sea Salt Bath: Benefits, Recipes & Instructions of Bath Salts

What are the Dead Sea Salt Bath Benefits? Read this article to learn more about the benefits of this Israeli-sourced salt bath. I also outline the recipes and procedures of making different salt bath for body detox. Finally, I examine the different instructions of Bath Salts processing.

Dead Sea bath salts – What is a Dead Sea Salt bath?

Dead Sea salt contains more than 26 minerals and salts with healing and medicinal properties. This salt can be added to a lukewarm bath or in your tub water for a Dead Sea salt bath.

Typically, it is a healing and relaxing bath taken to cleanse and soothe the skin. Dead Sea salt bath also offer a relaxing feeling to the skin and body in general.

There is no point of traveling all the way to Dead Sea to have this relaxing bath; you can have it in the comfort of your home. Keep bath temperature at 2 degrees warmer than your body temperature for better therapeutic results.

Note that hot temperature will cause the skin get eliminate minerals instead of absorbing them; this will negate the much needed healing and medicinal effect of the bath.
Dead Sea Salt bath recipes

Even though is tough, getting time to relax and de-stress is necessary to create the feelings and even give yourself to anything. At your relaxed time, you can create dead sea salt bath recipes at home for soaking.

  • Add about two pounds of pure salt to your normal bath.
  • Small quantity is recommended to begin with to change the chemistry of the skin.
  • A ¼ cup or a handful of Dead Sea salt should be used in subsequent regular bathing to maintain a good health skin.
  • This will provide adequate minerals for nurturing and sustaining a relaxed body and rejuvenated skin.

Dead Sea Salt bath instructions

The instructions for preparing dead sea salt bath are as follows:

  1. In a tub filled solution of dead sea salt and water, soak for about 20 minutes and pat with a towel to dry.
  2. Keep bath temperature at 2 degrees warmer than your body temperature for better therapeutic results.
  3. Apply your normal ointment or cream.
  4. The bath should be taken regularly. This can be once or twice a week for normal bath. However, for healing skin conditions, the number of baths per week should be reduced gradually after healing.

Dead Sea Salt bath benefits

With more than 26 minerals and salts with medicinal and healing properties, dead sea salt bath have numerous benefits for your body, skin and the face. Most of these mineral contents are required by our body for normal functioning.

Soaking yourself in water filled with Dead Sea salts not only heals various skin conditions, but also improves internal process of the skin.

The benefits include treating skin ailments, relieving pain and stress by providing a wow experience in the shower, detoxify the skin and other impurities and cleansing the body. These benefits are explained in detail below.

#1. Anti-aging benefits

For centuries, dead sea salts have been used to make the skin appear smooth and younger. The process of aging begins with the skin due to natural decline in elastin and collagen components in the skin.

This makes the skin less elastic and resilient. Anti aging benefits of dead sea salt is associated with salt’s ability to nourish and soften the skin to get rid of lines and wrinkles.

Studies have shown that regular dead sea salt baths can reduce wrinkling depth by 40%. Mineral contents in this salt not only moisturize and soften the skin, but they also improve relaxation of the body making people feel and look younger.

#2. Healing skin conditions

Dead sea salt bath is used to treat eczema, acne, dandruff, dermatitis, scabies and rashes among others. Despite many natural remedies used to treat common skin condition, this salt has quicker results.

Acne is particularly common in adolescents and this salt works by cleansing the skin to get rid of acne causing bacteria.

It also recommended for dry skin due to its ability to moisturize and retain water in the skin. Water retention is facilitated by presence Potassium in this salt. Regular soaking of your skin in this bath provides relief from dry skin with no side effects.

#3. Hair loss

The problem of hair loss can be treated using dead sea salts. This salt improves flow of blood on the scalp providing it with protein and oxygen needed for hair growth. It also clears the pores to get rid of impurities and fats that block growth of hair roots.

Dead Sea Salt bath for eczema

Regular soaking in dead sea salt bath have proved to treat eczema; a condition characterized by itching red skin. Eczema is usually characterized by a dry skin, caused by the inability of the skin to retain water.

Soaking the skin in warm Dead Sea salt bath for 20 minutes will help to add and retain water in affected area.

Dry the skin with towel and apply your normal body cream. You will notice that severe itching of the eczema will subside in a matter of 1-2 weeks of regular bath.

This happens even before the skin heals, but complete healing could take as much as 6 weeks. The number of baths can then be reduced gradually after healing.
Dead Sea Salt bath for psoriasis

For centuries, residents around dead sea areas used to bathe in dead sea to relieve psoriasis. The bible talks of leprosy people soaking or washing in the water to heal.

It is even asserted that people with leprosy; which in Israel is closely connected to psoriasis was treated using Dead Sea salt bath. Psoriasis is characterized by itching thick patches of flaky and red skin which may also crack and bleed.

This salt works by breaking down thick plagues thus allowing the sunlight to reach the inflammation area under the skin to reduce itching on the skin.

But you have to Mix the ingredients in your bath tub as directed and soak for 20 minutes to heal the problem of psoriasis. This salt is recommended by National foundation of Psoriasis as an alternative and effective in treating psoriasis.

Dead Sea Salt bath soak

Soaking yourself in dead sea salt is best done in your tub to feel this wonderful and health enhancing experience this bath has to offer. This should be done on regular basis, possibly twice a week for better rewards.

Besides healing the skin, soaking in this mineral rich bath water has several other benefits from relieving stress and arthritis pain.


  • Fill your tub with warm water
  • Add a cup of dead sea salt and 10 drops of lavender oil
  • Soak for about 20 minutes
  • Add cold water as needed if the bath is hot
  • Move to cool water and soak for another 20 minutes
  • Move out of the tub slowly as the process is quite draining

Dead Sea Salt bath detox

Bathing in this ancient remedy can help detoxify your body. As the third kidney, the skin has excretion functions. The salt detox helps the skin eliminate toxins while simultaneously absorbing the healthy nutrients and minerals in the bath water.

Dead Sea salt detox bath recipe and procedures is similar to the bath soak explained above. Remember to move out of the tub slowly as you will feel drained, weak and lightheaded after detoxing.

Also take a lot of water during detoxification process to ensure you do not get dehydrated.

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