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Black Soap for Hair – Is it Good, Benefits for Hair Growth & Washing Natural Hair with Black Soap

Know more about the benefits of using black soap for hair growth or loss. In this article, I also highlight the procedure to follow when using the soap for hair washing and bumps. Can the soap work for fine, oily, natural or Afro hair? Read this to have a clearer understanding.

Is Black Soap Good for Hair?

Black soap has been used for many years to soften hair, restore its luster and make it more manageable. The soap ingredients combine to provide to enrich hair color, prevent dandruffs, stimulate the scalp and act as a deep cleansing agent.

The soap can be all you need to make your hair glowing, bouncing, longer and more attractive.

Black soap is a highly sought after hair product because it cleanses your hair without drying, breaking or irritating your skin. It is because of its effectiveness that Africans used them long before the arrival of shampoos in the continent.

It was used both as soap and shampoo. The presence of Shea butter in the soap makes it an incredible moisturizer. You do not have to buy an expensive shampoo which may not ultimately help you.

Benefits of Black Soap on Hair

The common black soap on hair benefits include:

  1. Black soap makes hair healthier, more moisturized and smoother.
  2. It is also assists in hair conditioning, scalp nourishment, prevent hair loss, normalize blood supply and promotes stronger new hair growth.
  3. Some of the ingredients in the soap, for example Aritha, are an excellent hair tonic that has been known for centuries as health for both the scalp- and hair.
  4. It is also been used for many years as a shampoo against hair loss, anti-bacterial and antifungal ingredient in soaps.
  5. Black soap also contains natural saponins that make hair smooth and thicker.
  6. Many of the herbs used in making black soap contain magnesium which is very essential in preventing hair breakages, soothes hair roots, adds luster and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

African Black Soap for Hair

As stated earlier, one can use black soap for hair growth in using different methods. It is advisable to find which specific use fits, or is suitable, for you. For example one can use it to improve the growth of black hair as shown in the next section.

Black Soap for Hair Growth

Black soap promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation and stimulating hair follicles. Its ability to sooth the hair roots also enables hair to grow faster and healthier.

The dull hair is also rejuvenated. This means the black soap acts like a multivitamin that strengthens hair. Its ability to prevent dandruff also makes hair grow faster, avoids breakages and makes the hair generally healthy.

Cocoa leaves used in the manufacture of black soap are a great remedy for oily hair. It improves hair conditioning and soothes an irritated scalp, thereby improving hydration and repairing hair.

Black soap also contains plant minerals that soothes sensitive scalp and protects it from free radicals and scalp from bacterial growth.  The presence of omega 3 essential fats helps in the treatment for thinning and loss of hair.

Washing Hair with Black Soap

The procedure to follow in using black soap for hair wash is:

  1. First, wash your hair with clean water
  2. Place the soap in water and rub it between your hands. It should easily produce lather easily.
  3. Rub the lather in your hair.
  4. You can repeat the process severally depending on the length or thickness of your hair. All of it should be fully soaked in the black sop lather.
  5. Briskly rub the hair between your hands to work up the rich lather. You should start from the ends to the scalp.
  6. Scrub the scalp with your finger tips to properly clean the pores and stimulate blood flow.
  7. Concentrate mainly on the top of your head – the part you would wear a crown.
  8. Move to other parts by drawing lines in circles and making sure all parts of your head are cleaned.
  9. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing. You can use a natural conditioner if your hair too dry. Such situations, however, rarely occur because black soap is a natural moisturizer.

Black Soap on Natural Hair

Black soap is a natural cleanser that has ingredients such as plantain peels, palm oils, Shea butter and cocoa. These ingredients are rich in different minerals, vitamins and antioxidants such as iron, vitamin E, Vitamin A and iron.

The soap can be made into natural hair products and shampoos that help make your hair clean, fresh, natural and beautiful. Back soap prevents natural hair from dandruffs, dryness or breakages.

It is free from sodium lauryl sulfate, the chemical substances present in most types of soap, which has been proven to have harmful effects on both skin and natural hair.

How to make Black Soap Shampoo

To make shampoo from the soap, you need to:

  1. Cut the soap into small pieces and put it in a container.
  2. Pour cool water and leave it in a dry place.It will easily dissolve.
  3. Add any oils of your choice. Olive oil is recommended because it blends well with other black soap ingredients.

Olive oils do not cake up and can easily penetrate hair shafts. The effects of this black soap shampoo last longer. It is therefore advisable that you should not use it as frequently as you use other shampoos.

It is also important that you get the real product because the failure to do so can lead to dire consequences on your hair and skin.

  • Genuine black soaps are not hard. They are soft and brownish in color.
  • They are not entirely black as the name suggests.
  • Black soap does not cause any irritations to your scalp, eyes or other parts of your body.
  • It works wonderfully on hair thus making you feel confident about yourself and your natural hair.


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