Biotin Overdose Symptoms, Treatment, Amount: for Skin, Hair, Nails – What is Biotin Excess?

Knowing biotin overdose symptoms can help you know when to stop using biotin supplements, pills or tablets. In this article, I discuss the major signs and symptoms of biotin overdose in both adults and infants.

Should I be cautious of taking excess biotin?

Yes, you have to be cautious before taking biotin in excess amounts. Biotin being a B-complex vitamin plays a significant role in metabolism process in our body. The metabolism is vital for helping our body to transport carbon dioxide to body cells and process energy. Biotin is also critical in the stronger and healthier growth of the nails, skin, and hair.

As a result, a majority of women desiring to enhance their beauty to take biotin to achieve the expected results quickly. Consequently, taking excess biotin has caused more harm to these women’s bodies than good.

However, many nail care experts have no precise idea about the role of biotin in that regard. They argue that ingestion of biotin products does enhance the keratin infrastructure. It’s a protein essential needed by our bodies in making nails, skin, and hair.

Be cautious of Biotin Deficiency

Our bodies rarely experience biotin deficiencies. But, insufficient levels of B complex vitamin lead to hair loss and brittle nails. Therefore, such adverse conditions reverse by taking biotin supplements.

Both pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and biotin get into our bodies through the same receptors. The amount of vitamin B5 gets outweighed by the quantity of biotin in the gut. That subsequently contributes to a particular condition of vitamin B5 deficiency.

Pantothenic acid is perceived control the obstruction role of the skin surface layer. Because of that, it can minimize acne lesions. For that reason, taking excessive biotin supplements or a shortage of pantothenic acid could contribute to acne flashes.

What this means is that ingestion of excess biotin could lead to insufficient intake of B5 thereby making your skin break out.

What is Biotin Overdose?

Although it’s unusual to experience biotin overdose symptoms in your body, sometimes they occur when you consistently consume more than the recommended doses of the vitamin. The fact that biotin is a water-soluble component means that it’s passed out as urine.

Based on the over-the-counter or drugs, this condition occurs when you consume more than the recommended dosage of biotin supplements. That will happen the moment your body fails to adequately metabolize the taken amount of biotin thereby not preventing it from reaching the toxic levels in your body.

Over-consumption of Biotin supplements happens accidentally or intentionally. Whichever the case, it may result in fatal or harmful side effects.

The treatment and biotin overdose symptoms differ based on the sensitivity of the each body and also on the amount ingested. While the tolerance level of some people may be lower to excess quantity of biotin supplements, others are not. Therefore, there is no precise recommended dosage for everyone.

Biotin Overdose Symptoms

Commonly, biotin taken in excess gets expelled from our body via Urine. Nonetheless consumed excessive biotin may cause various diseases. The main observable symptoms of such a condition include:

  1. Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion
  2. Blood Glucose Level
  3. Skin Allergy
  4. Excessive and Increased thirst
    biotin overdose symptoms in har and nail use
                     Avoid Biotin Overdose
  5. Diarrhoea
  6. Excessive Urination
  7. Insomnia or Lack of sleep

Other common signs of biotin overdose include:

  • Lower B6 and vitamin C levels
  • Skins rashes
  • Slower release of insulin
  • High levels of blood sugar
  • Break out resulting from vitamin imbalance

Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion

It’s a rare disorder associated with biotin overdose. The space near lungs known as the pleural cavity become filled with Blood and Air leading severe pulmonary risks. It may turn out a life-threatening condition.

Increased Blood Glucose Level

Biotin contributes to the development of Fatty acid which in turn, leads to the formation of Glucose in your body. Conversely, biotin overdose symptoms denote a critical condition of excess Glucose level in the body. A condition which is life-threatening to a person who has diabetes.

Skin Allergies

The most common problem and biotin overdose symptoms are skin allergy. Itching skin rashes found on the whole body. This trait can spread to other parts of the body such as chest and throat. This, in turn, causes chocks.

Anaphylaxis is the grave condition of ingesting more than the required amount of biotin supplements. It’s a type of breathing and respiratory problem. When it reaches extreme levels, it can as well be life-threatening.

Treatment of Biotin Overdose in Infants and Adults

Treatment of biotin overdose symptoms in adults and infants is very significant. It must be done soon after you notice the above symptoms. A successful treatment of the symptoms related to this condition follows the following steps:

  1. The first policy of providing therapy to this condition is to immediately stop the ingestion of Biotin supplements and limit the intake of vitamins in your body.
  2. Given that Biotin vitamin is a water-soluble element, drinking lots of water can be one way of minimizing the effect. It dissolves the excessive biotin and toxic substances in the body.
  3. Another typical way of managing the adverse effects is the use of Activated Charcoal Administration. The excessive biotins and toxic substances stick to the charcoal leading to reduced effects.
  4. But, in the life-threatening condition of using excessive biotin, gastric lavage may be the last treatment method available. A pipe is installed to the stomach via the nostrils to the stomach. Applying a special fluid, through the tube, we wash the body. By doing so, the body defects and splash out the excessive biotin.

Optimum Amounts of Biotin For Hair, Skin Or Nails

You must have heard about the benefits of taking optimum amounts of biotin, and to a certain level, these questions may have bothered you: How much biotin supplement must I take? What dosage or amount of biotin?

Most adults require approximately 30mcg of biotin supplements daily to sustain standard metabolic functions. It transforms into healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Nutritional experts typically endorse a beginning dosage of close to 700mcg of biotin supplements daily. Sometimes, users can take extraordinary amounts of about 1000mcg.

Since biotin supplements are well-tolerated and somehow safe, a majority of people who ingest as high as 10000mcg daily without experiencing any adverse side effects. However, there is no empirical evidence indicating that taking more doses of biotin supplements lead to additional benefits to the body.

Suggested Daily Dosage of Biotin Supplements

Despite the fact that the suggested dosage daily dosage of biotin supplements is 30mcg, most research findings on the benefits of biotin use significantly more. Based on WebMD, the recommended dose hinge on various factors including the consumer’s age and different health conditions. However, it is logical that you refer to your doctor before consuming any vitamins particularly if breastfeeding or pregnant.

Biotin Dosage for Hair & Nails

How much biotin supplements do you require for your hair and nails? Although we have endorsed a mere 30mcg biotin a day, studies showed that users taking 2500mcg of biotin a day realized quicker results approximated at 25% increase in nail thickness. That means that they have less splitting and stronger nails.

In similar studies, we observed that close to 63% of people who use biotin supplements for brittle nails experience tremendous improvement after six months. For hair loss and regrowth/growth, nutritional experts recommend taking biotin dosage that is not more than 10000mcg a day.

Common Questions on Biotin Overdose

The common questions asked about the effects of biotin overdose include:

Can biotin overdose cause death?

Processed biotin supplement automatically recycle in our bodies. It’s almost impossible for you to experience biotin deficiency because most foods we consume have B Complex Vitamin. Biotin overdose, a very rare case, can lead to:

  1. Extraordinary blood sugar levels
  2. Lower B6 and vitamin C
  3. Skin rashes
  4. Sluggish discharge of insulin.

If you adhere to a healthy diet, the ingested Biotin is by nature more than enough.

Does biotin make you gain weight?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. biotin overdose may get you gain weight or lose weight. That is because the reaction of our bodies to several substances differs from one person to another.

To some people, taking huge doses of biotin may not cause weight gain, but to others, it contributes to weight gain. However, all these allegations are based on hearsay or anecdotes.

Nevertheless, according to WebMD, we do not have any empirical evidence showing that biotin causes weight gain. However, having more than sufficient biotin in your body may cause calorie imbalance, which may, in due course, lead to a gain in weight.

How does biotin overdose affect dogs?

Researches done on animals particularly with pregnant rats indicate that persistent biotin overdose cause more risks of miscarriage. When used on pregnant dogs, it can cause a shrink of the animal’s placenta. However, biotin deficiency leads to congenital disabilities.

Therefore, Vitamin B7 facilitates a healthy coat and skin, circulatory system, growth, metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. In that regard, I would say that giving your dog biotin overdose doesn’t cause any harm to it unless the animal ingests massive doses.


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