Biotin for Nails – Reviews, Side Effects & Results on Hard Dry Damaged Long Nails

Know more about biotin for nails by reading this post. Does Biotin really work for the nails? I seek to address all that by reviewing the benefits and side effects of biotin used for shiny nails.

Does Biotin Work for Nails?

There is no evidence available in support of the assumption that biotin for nails and whether it helps to make human nails grow longer and thicker. However, the deficiency of biotin in the body can lead to nail abnormalities among other problems such as seizures, loss of hair, pains and muscle cramps, according to reports.

Recent reviews online have shown that most people who use biotin have seen their nails change and become better – to become stronger and longer from previously brittle fragile and chapped nails.

These reviews have also confirmed that biotin is effective in strengthening brittle nails, and makes them less likely to break and split. These effects are either a primary or secondary outcome of using biotin.

Dosage – How much biotin for nail growth & strength?

On the amount of biotin for nails one should take, the best dosage for nail growth is not yet confirmed. Positive results have however been seen in most of those that take up to 2500 mcg of biotin per month for significant and positive nail growth.

Biotin is a necessary nutrient for metabolic functions, and a dose of about 30mcg per day is considered enough for sustaining normal metabolic functions, and this will ultimately translate into healthy nails, skin and hair.

For adult persons seeking to use biotin for nails, about 700 mcg to 1000 mcg of biotin per day is appropriate dosage according to most experts. The most common biotin supplement is 500mcg- because is easy to consume since the person is not required to take so many pills per day.

The 500 mcg pill is divided into two courses:

  • One taken in morning, and
  • Another one taken in the evening.

There is also good news for those who do not prefer supplements for nails, because there is another option where biotin is infused in nail polishes to make nails look better. It is however essential to wear rubber gloves to keep nails safe from harsh chemicals and detergents to have better results.

You can read more on Biotin Dosage here

Biotin for nails side effects

Regarding the side effects of biotin used for nails, most people who consume biotin as a supplement have shown no noticeable adverse effects for the doses recommended by the health care practitioners. However, allergic reactions are potential risk that cannot be ruled out. Most patients tend to exhibit symptoms like:

  • Skin rashness
  • Hives
  • Skin inflammation
  • Swelling of throat
  • Chest pain and tightness and
  • Other respiratory problems

It is common knowledge that all supplements, including biotin for nails, whether natural or otherwise are not always safe hence the need to take appropriate dosages.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is always important to consult your doctor before starting biotin supplements- particularly breastfeeding and pregnant women. This is necessary in avoiding interactions with and depletion of biotin supplements by medications and drugs- biotin is depleted by anticonvulsants and antibiotics medication.

Results – Biotin for Nails Before and After

Results seem to indicate that the use of biotin for nails has a positive impact on the growth of long and strong nails. In the pictures below you will see the variations after a period of about 2 weeks.


biotin for nails before
Picture of nails before using Biotin
biotin for nails after
Picture of nails after using Biotin

In the first image, the nails appear weak with disorganized growth. This is surely an indicator that some essential nutrients for their growth are missing.

In the second image, the nails have grown in size or length and appear somehow stronger.

This may therefore be an indicator that indeed biotin works for nails

Biotin for Nails and Hair Extra Strength or Length

Biotin is commonly used to support and provide extra strength and length to hair and skin. For instance, users of most common biotin brands have reported considerable improvement in hair and nails within 30 days.

The hair grows better and thicker while nails become stronger and less likely to brittle. Besides, hair and nails starts to grow faster than before, and less hair is lost during shower and even combing. These products are very effective for those seeking stronger and longer hairs and nails.

Biotin Rich Foods for Nails

Biotin rich foods for nail growth. hair and skin include:

  • Soya beans and legumes– they contain high amount of biotin as 10grams of soya beans is believed to contain 60mg of biotin. This is also the most appropriate alternative for vegetarians.
  • Swiss chard– Even though Swiss chard is commonly overshadowed by spinach among other green vegetables, it is very rich in biotin content and can help to increase the level of biotin in the body. Other than biotin, they also contain important nutrients including magnesium, vitamin A and C.
  • Fruits and berries– A variety of berries are known to contain significantly high amount of biotin besides antioxidant properties. People interested in biotin are advised to consume as much local and organic fruits as possible.
  • Nuts and sunflower seeds – many types of nuts such as cashew nuts, Almonds and peanuts can also supply considerable amount of biotin to your body. They are highly essential for vegetarians to benefit from nutritional value of fish and meat. It is advisable to consume sunflower seeds raw to avoid the extra calories and fats contained in dry roasted seeds.
  • Dairy products– Many dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and milk are rich in nutrients including biotin.
  • Liver – Liver and other organ meats such as heart, kidney and lungs are classified among foods with highest amount of biotin. As little as 3 ounce of cooked liver contain as much as 32mcg of biotin. Biotin can also be obtained from red meat, pork and turkey meat.
  • Whole grain – Whole grain and their products are also rich in biotin; with a slice of bread wheat bread providing up to 6mcg of biotin.
  • Fish– Even though fish such as salmon, tuna and a variety of sea foods are usually part of diet of many people, they are very rich in vitamins like biotin.

Biotin Oils for Nails – Liquid Biotin

It is imperative to take a look at the depiction of liquid before buying to ensure they fit your needs. Below is a list of common liquid biotin available in most drug stores:

  • High potency biotin 10,000mcg and cold pressed coconut oil for enhancing nail growth
  • Biotin Drops used to support healthy nails
  • Alcohol free Honeycombs biotin
  • Rapunzel biotin for strengthening brittle nails

Natural Sources of Biotin for Nails

Biotin is naturally found in a variety of foods from eggs, nuts and legumes, whole grains and fish to dairy products, red and meat organs. Getting biotin from natural foods other than supplements is highly recommended by doctors. Therefore having knowledge on biotin rich foods will definitely help in boosting dietary intake.

Reviews of Common brands of Biotin used for Nails

There a variety of common biotin brands used for nails. On this reason, it is very difficult to select the best brand for one’s needs. However, the best way is look at specifications on the product to assess:

  • Type of biotin – liquid gels, capsules or tablets
  • The strength
  • Number of capsules/pills
  • Whether they are appropriate for vegetarians
  • Those free off certain substances like wheat, gluten, yeast, artificial colors

According to customer reviews and online sources and experts, the best common brands are:

  • Those that dissolve fast
  • Veggie soft gels
  • Natrol biotin with maximum strength

Buying Biotin for use on Nails at home

If you are asking yourself – Can I buy biotin for use at home? The answer is Yes! Biotin can be accessed with or without prescription in drug stores or vitamin stores near you. You can easily get it in form of liquid biotin, supplements and capsules. Biotin for use at home can also be bought from online drug stores.

Where to buy Biotin in US & Canada

In U.S and Canada, Biotin can be bought from drugs stores, retail stores and online stores.

In United States, Biotin can bought from

  • Walmart stores and online through the Walmart website
  • stores
  • Walgreens stores
  • The vitamin shoppe
  • Whole foods market
  • in Canada
  • Costco wholesale stores

Where to buy Biotin in UK & Australia

  • In U.K and Australia, biotin is found in drug stores
  • Is also found online at
  • They are also found at

Where to buy Biotin in India

If you are looking for a place to buy it in India, then just check

  • Drug stores/vitamin stores

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