Biotin for Beard Growth: Reviews, Pills, Benefits, Side Effects & Results of using Biotin Beard

Know more about biotin for beard growth. Here, I outline the reviews of biotin pills used in beard growth. I then list the side effects of biotin for facial hair and the various places you can buy beard biotin in India and the US. There are also many benefits and side effects of using biotin to grow mustache, and they have been examined in this article.

Does Biotin Really Work for Beard Hair Growth?

Using biotin for beard growth may not be the magic for transforming your beard into lumberjack, but it is used by many men for making beard grow thicker and healthier. Since deficiency of biotin can cause thinning of hair, experts believe it can help to thicken and stimulate growth of thicker hair.

Despite lack of conclusive scientific evident to support this argument, there is sufficient evidence showing that biotin can improve keratin infrastructure – a protein substance that strengthen hair, nails and skin – but ingestion is necessary in generating better outcomes.

NB: But it should not be used in isolation, because it is just one of the several other vitamins and minerals needed to promote the growth of facial hair. Even though previously marketed for women, the market has, in the recent past, been flooded with biotin supplements for beard growth.

Dosage: How much biotin for beard Growth?

Just like many supplements, quality and appropriate dosage is of paramount importance, and frankly, appropriate dosage is necessary in averting potential overdose and associated side effects.

Notably, the side effects of biotin supplements are very rare for people that follow physician’s recommended dosage. On how much biotin for beard growth should be taken, there is no confirmed dosage.

However, according to most users, a dose of 2.5 mg or 2000-5000 mcg of biotin supplements daily for adults has been effective in strengthening hair shafts.

Benefits of Biotin for Beard Growth

Many experiments have been done to determine the real benefits o biotin in beard growth. What is not in doubt is the fact that many studies show biotin has impact on the growth of hair in both animals and human beings.

Beards, which are basically hair that grows on the face (facial hair) are inevitably affected by the amount of biotin in the body. It is then fair to state that the major benefits of biotin in beard growth are:

  1. Increases amount of keratin in the body, that strengthens hair follicles
  2. Results in faster beard growth mainly due to the strong hair follicles
  3. Results in thicker beards and/or mustache profile

Biotin Beard Growth Side Effects

Biotin is water soluble substance and any excess is released from the body through feces and urine, but this fact is not supported by evidence. Compared to some vitamin supplements, biotin is considered safer even if consumed in large doses, but this is not always the case for everyone – as some people have experience horrible results with high doses.

Furthermore, for every supplement, whether natural or artificial, they tend to have side effects. This means that biotin- taken as a supplement can have side effects, mostly from overdose. Biotin overdose is very easier.

Common side effects of using biotin for beard growth include:

  1. Causes Skin eruptions/breakout
  2. Causes Itchiness of skin and rashes
  3. Results in High level of blood sugar
  4. May cause Kidney problems
  5. Results in Digestion upset and increased digestive disorders
    in some consumers
  6. Trigger a Deficiency of other vitamins, and
  7. May cause Eosinophilia pleuropericardinal effusion in extreme case

Results – Biotin for beard before and after Pictures

The image here shows the results  use is a clear indication that biotin can be effective supplement for stimulating the growth, regrowth and thickening of facial hair, including beard hair. Therefore taking biotin is recommended for men seeking to have a fuller beard.

results biotin beard growth before and after pictures
An image showing effect of 5 mg biotin on beard growth in 2 weeks

5 mg biotin beard hair growth 2 weeks

Is biotin 5 mg effective for beard hair growth? A significant number of users of biotin for beard growth claim that taking 5 mg biotin daily in two halves -morning and evening helps in growing beard hair within 2 weeks.

It is important to note that 5 mg biotin is equivalent to 5000 mcg biotin. This dosage is deemed convenient and preferred by most users of biotin since it does not require one to take so many pills per day.

Convenience aside, this dosage does not appear to work for everyone. For people to whom the 5 mg seems not to work, starting with a lesser dose such as 2500 mcg (2.5 mg) is advisable.

They should do this before gradually increasing their dosage as they progress until they reach the amount that works best for them. This would in the long run result in the required outcomes.

It is also important to document your progress using photos and other documentation to keep track of progress to inform adjustment of their dosages.

As always, seeking doctor’s advice is recommended before you start taking biotin supplement.

Biotin for Beard Growth Reviews and Testimonials

The main issue is whether biotin for beard growth is indeed good. Most reviews and testimonials from biotin users often provides positive rating for virtually all brands used to make hair healthy, thicker and longer.

In other words, biotin supplements are highly rated by users- averaging at 4/5 stars, and most buyers promising to repurchase the products again.

Reviews at rated beard biotin on the basis of effectiveness, customer satisfaction and ease of use- rating was 3.4/5, 3.5/5 and 4.4/5 respectively. This has been represented in the table below.

Review Component (at WebMD) Star Rating (out of 5)
Effectiveness 3.4
Customer Satisfaction 3.5
Ease of Using 4.4

Some common testimonials from users of biotin products for beard growth indicate that:

  • Taking biotin 5mg daily is the most preferred and effective brand by users. This is mainly attributed to the ease of use or the convenience of using this brand.
  • A number of people confessed switching between 5000 and 10,000 mcg biotin for hair growth pills depending on availability- with both producing exemplary results.
  • Some testimonials have confirmed that biotin does wonders for their facial hair, and have ability to fix even damaged hair making it thicker, healthier and even grow very first.

Biotin for Beard in India

In India, Biotin for beard growth supplements can be easily purchased from drug stores, vitamin stores and beauty shops across the country. Biotin products can also be purchased from online stores mainly

There is a variety of brands sold in India, but most of have the name biotin and related names. Apart from specifications on labels, information on biotin for beard growth such as price, reviews and common brands names can be obtained online from different health websites, including   

Biotin Beard Cream and Pills for Beard Growth

Biotin creams for beard growth is a cosmetic product produced from water soluble vitamin B7 nutrient. The cream is commonly preferred by customers, and appropriate for people who may not like supplements, because it can be directly applied to the area of focus.

Most biotin creams contains moisturizing treatments for smoothing hair and dry skin.

Common biotin pills for beard growth include:

  1. Nature’s Bounty
  2. BE Biotin
  3. Solgar Biotin Vegetable Capsule
  4. Natrol Biotin Example of Biotin for Beard growth Pills

Biotin Facial Hair Growth

When it comes to strengthening facial hair, there are many supplements and treatments in the market. One way is to increase intake of biotin.

Previously, biotin was often used by women to improve their hair, nails and skin. Nowadays it is increasingly used by men to increase growth and thickness of beard over time.

It is however never going to be the magic of converting your beard hair into a lumberjack, but if they are used alongside other vitamins, there is guarantee it will naturally help your body to produce healthier and stronger hairs around the face, including beard hair.

All said and done, the bottom line is that biotin can naturally promote the growth of facial hair, but the supplement should be combined with other vitamins and natural ingredients necessary for growth of facial hair.

Biotin Tablets for Beard Growth

There are a variety of biotin tablets for beard growth. The best rated biotin tablets brands for use on beards include:

  1. Incite Nutrition capsule
  2. Thomas phytoceramides
  3. Island Miracle
  4. Spring valley
  5. Now foods biotin
  6. Omegaboost biotin
  7. Amazing Nutrition
  8. ZenwiseLabs Hairgrowth vitamins

Where to buy biotin for Beard hair Growth

Biotin for beard hair growth can be purchased from drug and vitamin stores and beauty shops. They are also available in online stores, including Amazon online stores.

It is also vital to note that biotin is sold under several names- ranging from Vitamin B7, Appearex, coenzyme R and biotina.

It is important to note these names for purposes of avoiding confusion in the market. Besides, the products are extensively marketed online, including medical internet sites.


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