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Redmond Bentonite Clay Weight Loss: Psyllium Husk, Wrap & Testimonials

Several bentonite clay weight loss testimonials found online point to an effective weight loss substance. Bentonite clay and psyllium husk for weight loss has also been reported to have positive results in weight loss. In this article, I also review the Redmond Biotin Clay brand and how it can be used for healthier living.

Bentonite Clay Weight Loss

Does consumption of clay lead to weight loss? Consuming clay itself is quite interesting leave alone taking the clay to lose some weight. Well some clay like bentonite is perfectly good for consumption.

The fundamental question is: ‘how is this clay consumed?’ Consumption of bentonite clay with juice or applesauce just before meal time will fill up your stomach. This clay swells up and will definitely reduce your hunger and force to eat less food.

Therefore, a dosage of 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay daily is enough for detoxification. Drinking lots of water is also advisable to prevent constipation and obstruction of bowel as it absorbs liquids in the stomach

As a component of detoxification, the primary focus of bentonite clay is to absorb toxins and cleanse the colon. This is according to the author of ‘prescription for natural cures’ Dr. Balch.

The loss of weight is one of the resultant effects following clay detoxification diet. It is however vital to seek doctors’ advice before you begin to use bentonite clay to aid loss of weight.

Bentonite Clay Weight Loss Testimonials

Testimonies on how bentonite clay leads to weight loss are a bit scanty and few. However, some chunky users have testified to drink this clay every day…. about 8-12 ounces accompanied with lots of water to reduce weight.

The users start to notice their bloat and belly going away after a few months of drinking this clay. Some users have testified to never have received such amazing results using other weight loss remedies.

Bentonite Clay Weight Loss Wrap

In actual sense, body wraps can really work in as far as losing some few inches and make appear more toned and slimmer. Most interesting thing is that body wraps can be made at home.

And without kidding if bentonite clay weight loss wrap is used regularly, it can help you reduce more inches from your body.

Precisely, body wraps work by aiding sweating and forcing out excess and undesirable fluids laden with wastes, heavy metals and toxins from the body.

These unwanted fluids are usually found under the skin surface and their removal will lead to loss of weight.

With powerful detoxifying qualities, bentonite clay weight loss wrap is a magic substance for good health and beautiful skin. The following are benefits of bentonite clay body wraps:

  • Reducing cellulite
  • Removing toxins and heavy metals
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Promoting smooth and soft skin
  • Reducing tone and firmed skin
  • Reducing body weight

You will require a number of ingredients to make bentonite clay body wrap at home.

Start by making three cups of strong green tear stirred in the clay; dried ginger powder and seaweed powder until it forms a paste/gel as it thicken.

Add essential oil and stir the mixture again.

The mixture is smeared over the legs and the rest of the body before wrapping the body firmly in cotton cloth followed by cling film.

Lie down and cover yourself with wool blanket for about one hour.

Finally, take a shower; starting with a hot followed by a cold shower.

Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk Weight Loss

Combination of bentonite clay and psyllium husks is used to cleanse the body and help lose weight. As explained earlier, cleansing has many benefits; including long term loss of weight.

Despite lack of scientific evidence on safety and benefits of this combination, a mixture of bentonite clay and psyllium is highly recommended by alternative health experts for detoxification.

Psyllium is a fibrous bulking powder made from husks of psyllium plant. This agent forms gel or thicken with juice or water. On the contrary, bentonite clay has absorption ability and works by drawing out toxins from the body.

If consumed together, they help to reduce weight through drawing out toxins and frequent bowel elimination.

In terms of dosage, a cleansing cocktail shake comprise bentonite clay, water, psyllium and black or cranberry juice. The fact that psyllium thickens quickly to form gel like consistency, it is advised to drink the mixture immediately after preparing.

The mixture should be taken three times a day with lots of water to cleanse the body, but safety of this mixture is yet to be determined by scientific study.

Benefits of eating Bentonite Clay Diet

Eating clay may sound awkward, but healing clay has important minerals needed by the body. It is on this basis that bentonite clay is eaten by many people to enjoy its healing and medicinal benefits.

This clay is formed from volcanic eruptions and subsequent decomposition. The benefits of this clay include:

  • Bentonite clay is eaten to cleanse the skin, liver and colon
  • It is taken to balance bacteria in the gut and digestive tract
  • Bentonite clay enhance assimilation of nutrient in the body
  • It is also taken to strengthen immune system

Redmond Bentonite Clay

Redmond clay is bentonite clay- it is made from volcanic ashes deposited in sea and river beds. For external use, mix Redmond clay with water to make a gel and apply directly on the skin. As it dries out, you will notice some drawing and pulling effect.

For purposes of skin tightening for facial, leave this clay until it is almost dry, but not completely dry before it is removed from the skin. You can also cover the gel with wet cloth if you desire soothing and cooling effect. This clay is eventually removed by washing and gentle rubbing. Avoid re-using the clay pack.

Redmond Bentonite Clay Uses

It is also used to prevent food poisoning, food allergies, viral infections, colitis and parasites from the body. In addition, bentonite clay is also used to treat digestive problems, cataracts, arthritis, wounds, diabetic neuropathy, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, acne, insect bites, alcoholism and anemia.

It is also known to aid weight loss and re-mineralizes body tissues and protects the body against radiation and external invaders like viruses and bacteria.

Other common uses include reducing cellulite, removing toxins and heavy metals, detoxifying the body, promoting smooth and soft skin, reducing tone and firmed skin and reducing body weight.

It is apparent from discussion that this clay has multiple uses and this explains why it has become so popular in beauty and health industry over the recent past.

Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder

You can purchase Redmond clay powder cheaply from Amazon online stores, supermarket and local drug stores and approved natural groceries in your locality. This product is natural and free from additives, chemicals and preservatives.

It is used in many ways both internally and externally on the skin. Crushing and screening is the only process involved in making this clay.

Redmond Bentonite Clay Tablets

Ready-made bentonite Redmond tablet can be accessed from drug stores and online retail stores for use. These tablets work more the same like liquid and powder bentonite clay to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Always check for customer reviews before purchasing these tablets to ensure they suit your condition and circumstance. For bentonite clay bath, place this tablet in tenthe tub to dissolve in the water before soaking for about 20 minutes.

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