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Bentonite Clay Toothpaste, Teeth Whitening, Recipes, Benefits & Side Effects

Is bentonite clay toothpaste safe? Can I use bentonite clay to whiten teeth? If any of these are questions lingering in your mind, read this article. In here, I analyze the recipe used to make bentonite clay tooth paste and examine the benefits and side effects (if any) of this clay.

Bentonite Clay for Teeth

For many years, clay products are used for cosmetic purposes. However, using clay for toothpaste is quite unheard off by many.

Even though it sounds a bit awkward to clean your teeth using dirt (clay), the truth is that bentonite clay toothpaste is mineral rich agent. It is used to support general oral health and prevent decay of teeth.

As we all know, our mouths are highly susceptible to numerous invaders from the outside like toxins and bacteria. Why would need bentonite clay toothpaste? As you should all know, dental care is a vital aspect of personal health and well-being.

It is very important to take good care of your dentine in a health and consistent manner.

However, the choice of toothpaste is also important since some commercial ones contain additives that can coat or react with your tooth.

Common reactions include irritation of teeth and gums, while some of them leave the mouth with odor even after brushing. Bentonite clay toothpaste is devoid of these side effects.

Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

The fact that bentonite clay does not contain glycerin is quite interesting. This is because glycerin is known to coat the teeth- this makes them unable to remineralize and also weaken over time.

I have always advised people to switch off from conventional toothpaste to more natural toothpaste free off fluoride, glycerin sodium among other preservatives.

Bentonite clay has the ability to bind and draw out unhealthy materials in the mouth including bacteria and toxins, particularly in areas around the tongue and teeth and gums.

Bentonite clay toothpaste also helps to get rid of them from the mouth even before they are swallowed to cause illness. Furthermore, this clay has antibacterial attributes and is commonly used as natural toothpaste to kill bacteria in the mouth.

Bentonite Clay toothpaste benefits

Does bentonite clay whiten teeth? Yes it does and works perfectly to improve overall dental and oral health. Naturally, most people will verify the benefits of toothpaste with their ability to whiten teeth upon cleaning.

This is also true with bentonite clay toothpaste, and will actually make your teeth super white clean. Besides whitening teeth, this toothpaste also leaves your teeth stronger than most commercial toothpaste.

This toothpaste is highly credited for reducing sensitivity and facilitating growth of enamel where a tooth had previously decayed. In addition, as it grows, the enamel is equally white a thus keeps it white and clean in the long run.

Bentonite Clay toothpaste side effects

It is noteworthy to state that bentonite clay toothpaste has shown some indication of staining teeth. However, it is widely acknowledged in most cases that consistent use of this toothpaste gradually improves oral hygiene. It is also cost effective if prepared at home.

Bentonite Clay toothpaste Recipe

With the following ingredients, you can make natural DIY bentonite clay toothpaste at home and save the cost of buying natural pricy toothpaste in the market. These simple steps are highly recommended if you wish to make a more usable and reliable toothpaste.

For great and effective product, you MUST observe a number of conditions while preparing bentonite clay toothpaste.

The process begins by assembling all the necessary ingredients. Ensure you obtain genuine ones from reliable supplier. They should also be in good state and should not be contaminated in any way.

You can be sure of saving money by making your own natural toothpaste at home. These ingredients are as follows:

  • 1/4 cup of bentonite clay in powder form
  • 3/8 cup of purified boiling water
  • ¼ teaspoon of unrefined sea salt
  • 20 drops of liquid or powder liquid
  • About 12 drops of peppermint or spearmint oil
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil

Bentonite Clay teeth whitening

Does bentonite clay tooth paste whiten stained teeth? The answer is yes, it does. It is clear from this article that bentonite clay toothpaste a perfect teeth whitener. Besides whitening teeth, this clay toothpaste also remineralizes teeth.

As it draws out toxins and other impurities from the mouth, it also leaves behind minerals to nourish the teeth.

You can try out toothpaste made at home from calcium bentonite clay to whiten and mineralize your teeth. In particular, this toothpaste will gently polish and scrub your teeth leaving them super while and clean after brushing.

It is important to follow the correct procedure if you want to obtain better results.

Bentonite Clay toothpaste and mercury fillings

Mercury is highly poisonous and any amount of mercury is harmful considering its cumulative effect. However, silver amalgam dental fillings contain about 50% mercury which continues to leak into the body over time. Mercury vaporizes at room temperature and is directly absorbed into the blood stream.

This vapor continues to be emitted from dental fillings and accumulate in the body over time. The effects are witnessed after years or even a decade of exposure.

Research has shown that mercury can cause significant health risks to the body. For pregnant mothers, it can lead to learning disability to newborns among other adverse health effects.

Published research by international academy of toxicology advised removal of mercury fillings. Accordingly, bentonite clay for detoxing mercury from the body is one protocol recognized and used by naturopathic health practitioners to get rid of mercury fillings.

How does it work? This clay has the power to absorb and adsorb by binding with heavy metals from the body. When it absorbs water, it gets stretched and swollen to become like a porous sponge.

It then draws heavy metals into spaces of negatively charged molecules through attraction force and bounds them fast. It is eventually eliminated with these metals bound on its surfaces thus protecting the body against mercury as they exit the body.

More on toothpaste with bentonite clay

This clay has amazing properties and can be effectively used to improve dental care. It not only binds bacteria, but it is also kills all bacteria in the mouth to avoid infections.

More surprising, this clay will leave your teeth super clean and healthy by removing all impurities and toxins from your teeth. Besides, this clay is not harmful and can be swallowed without any side effects.

A variety of homemade bentonite clay toothpastes can be made by mixing it with activated charcoal, coconut and baking soda mixture just to mention a few.

Activated charcoal Bentonite Clay toothpaste

Isn’t it awesome to make clay toothpaste mixture of activated charcoal and bentonite clay? To start with, we need to understand what activated charcoal really is. These are basically highly refined charcoal. Both activated charcoal and bentonite are fantastic agents in as far as teeth whitening are concerned.

Note that charcoal is also original multitasking agent with varied and long history of practical medicinal benefits. Essentially, these two agents have great absorption power and if combined, they will work perfectly to remove stubborn stains and leave your teeth feeling super clean and white.

Bentonite Clay Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Off course you will need organic virgin coconut, xylitol, peppermint extract, Redmond real salt, Redmond clay and water.

The bottom line is that homemade natural clay toothpaste is about 60% cheaper than commercial natural toothpaste in the market. The entire budget is estimated to cost about $23 to make 130 ml toothpaste from these ingredients.

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