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Bentonite Clay Powder: Uses, Baby, Buy at Walmart, Recipes & Reviews

Read this article to understand the major uses of bentonite clay powder. Bentonite in powder form is still effective. That is why I have taken an opportunity to examine the world wide usage of bentonite clay powder – including the most common usage as baby powder. This includes recipes on how to make the powder.  I also review some of the common brands you can buy in stores like Walmart and Target.

Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder

Many people around the world are enjoying the benefits of calcium bentonite clay. If you are one of those beauty conscious persons, then probably you must have used this therapeutic clay on your skin.

What is calcium bentonite clay powder? Well, this is natural clay powder harvested from volcanic ashes that occur naturally in sea and river beds. This powder contains vital minerals for our skin and body.

These minerals include calcium, silica, sodium, magnesium, potassium and iron among others. Besides external use, this clay powder is also used internally to heal digestive problems.

They also help to remove heavy metals from the body as well as clearing bacteria from lining guts and respiratory track.

Bentonite Clay Powder Uses

Like most other healing clay powders, bentonite clay powder has numerous cosmetic and therapeutic uses. The good thing about bentonite clay is that it is used both internally and also externally on the skin.

To keep you a breast, I present common uses of bentonite clay powder that have been proved in clinical studies and users’ testimony around the world.

  1. Used to heal skin condition– This clay is proven to cure psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis by binding bacteria and drawing heavy metals and toxins from the surface of the skin and within pores. Credit goes to the antibiotic properties that fight skin infections and also speed up healing process.
  2. Used to remove toxins – You can soak your body in bentonite clay bath to detox your body. It works by binding toxins dispelled from the skin. It also aids in poisoning ivy and fight allergic reactions from facial washes and irritating lotions.
  3. Used to relieve digestive problem – Common digestive problems like constipation, IBS, acid influx and nausea can be sorted using bentonite powder drinks. By cleansing and killing bacteria and viruses within the guts, this powder eliminates various digestive problems. Studies have shown that bentonite clay can absorb caronavirus and rotavirus toxins within the guts. These viruses are responsible for common gastrointestinal distress like nausea and diarrhea.
  4. This powder is also used to remove harmful bacteria and virus from the body, added in baby powder, for water purification, to improve the health of gums and teeth, in boosting probiotics and to alkalize the body.

Bentonite Clay for Skin Tightening

For hundreds of years, different types of clay have been used to cleanse and tighten the skin. Common ones include French clay, rhassoul clay and bentonite clay among others. They work by drawing out debris, excess oils and dead cells from the skin.

Bentonite clay extracted from Death Valley of California is effective for skin tightening and revitalization. All you need is to apply this clay on areas of the skin that require tightening and leave for about 20 minutes or as needed based on the sensitivity of your skin.

Tightening and pulling sensation will be felt as it works on your skin. On washing the skin, these impurities will be washed away to leave you with cleansed and tightened pores for a youthful glow.

Organic Bentonite Clay powder
Organic bentonite clay is a product of volcanic ash trapped in rivers and seas beds. There are basically three types of bentonite clay:

  • Calcium bentonite is formed from the ashes trapped in river beds
  • Sodium bentonite is from ashes trapped in sea beds.
  • Grant organic bentonite clay from natural deposits in Australia.

The making process is usually simple. The clay is harvested from the source, then dried and packaged. This process does not involve chemicals, and no additives are added.

Grant bentonite clay powder is finely processed to produce a silky smooth of powdery bentonite clay for both internal; and external use.

Bentonite Clay Baby powder

Bentonite clay is also used in baby powders to sooth and reduce irritation of the skin. Besides, soothing effect, this powder is equally gentle and has natural cleansing attributes and works as better as traditional baby powders.

Where to Buy Bentonite Clay Powder

Both retail and bulk purchase can be done at Amazon, eBay, Holland Barrett and Alibaba as well as Wal-Mart supermarket and CVs pharmacy.

Bentonite Clay powder Walmart

Wal-mart is a reputable retailer of quality organic health care products. The products are sourced from genuine suppliers through courtesy of their strict supply chain policy.

They also have friendly prices on their products, and this is extended to health and beauty products like Bentonite clay powder.

Bentonite Clay powder Whole Foods

Whole foods have a variety of health and beauty solutions. The company has invested heavily to make quality product for better results on your skin and beauty.

You can get Bentonite clay from their stores for topical use on skin and internal ingestion.

Bentonite Clay Powder CVS

CVs pharmacy has quality healthy products and related services. For starters, you will get free services on how to use bentonite clay powder from pharmacy staff for better results.

Bentonite Clay Powder UK

Buy bentonite clay powder from Wal-mart U.K, Amazon and Holland Barrett retail stores. These products are also found from approved cosmetics and natural health stores within U.K.

Bentonite Clay powder Canada

Wal-Mart Canada has a variety of natural health products. You can also order bentonite clay powder from online retail stores like Amazon.

Bentonite Clay powder Amazon

This powder can be easily found from online retail stores, supermarkets and approved cosmetic shops in your area. Order Aztec and other bentonite products from Amazon retail store for delivery to your doorstep.

Bentonite Clay teeth powder recipe

The main advantage of bentonite clay in tooth powder is the ability to bind and draw out toxins and heavy metals as well as its alkaline and mineral contents which are good for your mouth, teeth and body.

The following ingredients are require for bentonite clay tooth powder:

  • 4 tablespoon of bentonite clay
  • 3 tablespoon of calcium powder
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda- optional
  • 2 tablespoon of powdered mint or essential oil- optional
  • I tablespoon of cinnamon or similar powder
  • 1 tablespoon of Xylitol powder
  • 1 teaspoon of cloves powder
  • Essential oil for taste- optional

Pure Bentonite Clay Powder reviews

Bentonite clay has been around for many years, but many people are still new to this clay powder. You can find a lot of resourceful information online- these include helpful reviews from customers about various bentonite clay products.

Aztec and secret is currently the most reviewed product online with amazing positive feedback from users.

Bentonite Clay Powder benefits

Bentonite clays are widely known for their medicinal and healing qualities. The benefits have been proved in many clinical studies and have also been supported by positive customers’ reviews.

There are many pros of bentonite clay powder, but I will highlight best and proved benefits of bentonite clay.

  • Combating dietary toxins
  • Fighting digestive problems
  • Cleansing contaminated soils
  • Fighting environmental toxins
  • Boosting immune system
  • Removing heavy metals from the body

Bentonite Clay powder Holland Barrett

As one of the leading health retailer in United Kingdom, Holland Barrett has a variety of natural health and beauty products.

You can purchase pure bentonite clay powder from Holland Barrett. An example is FaceTox mask with bentonite and Moroccan Lava clay to detox for soft and glowing facial skin.

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