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Bentonite Clay Mask, Recipe, Reviews and Side Effects

Bentonite clay mask provide a great opportunity for those seeking natural remedies. Many people are looking for natural treatments for beauty and skin care to avoid adverse effects of chemical cosmetics in the market. In this article, I will examine bentonite clay mask recipe, side effects and reviews.

Bentonite clay is formed from volcanic ash originally discovered around Fort Benton, Wyoming. The clay is added to water to make a calcium bentonite clay mask.

What is Bentonite Clay Mask?

Bentonite clay mask is a powerful tool for absorbing toxins from the skin formed when calcium bentonite clay is mixed with water. The mask produces a powerful negative electric force that helps to bind and remove toxins from the skin. Minerals in this clay also add to the many nutrients needed for our body to function normally.

This clay mask has natural minerals for treating the skin. The special attributes relates to its ability to draw out toxins and other impurities by shrinking skin pores. It also prevents skin breakouts leaving your skin smooth and soft.

This clay not only works externally on the skin, but it also used internally. In other words, pure and quality bentonite clay is safe to consume. It is used to get rid of metals and bacteria from the body.

Most people have used this clay to treat digestive problems like acid influx. For external use, apply the clay on the skin or take a bentonite clay bath.

Bentonite Clay Mask recipe

To make bentonite clay mask, the following ingredients will be required:

  • Bentonite clay – 1 teaspoon
  • Water or cider vinegar- 1 teaspoon
  • A bowl or a cup and a spoon for mixing ingredients.

If you decide to mix them using a spoon, ensure it is not a metal spoon. This is because bentonite clay has powerful negative electric force that cause metals from the spoon to leach into the clay thus rendering the clay ineffective.

Nonetheless, you can opt to use plastic spoon or even your finger to mix the contents and apply to any part of the skin or your entire body.

Bentonite Clay Mask Reviews

This clay has many uses on the skin and also internal use. Internally, this clay helps with digestion and removes heavy chemicals from the body. The clay is effective on acne as demonstrated in many customers’ reviews with positive feedback on several sites.

Most customers have fortified that bentonite clay has ability to shrink, unclog, clear and detoxify the skin to make it soft, smooth and attractively glowing in appearance. Below is review for one popular brand of bentonite clay in the market.

Aztec n secret Indian healing clay has the most reviews online. This brand is available at Wal-Mart and Amazon among other online stores with reviews from users. Aztec is used as facial mask to beautify and refresh the skin.

It contains pure natural bentonite clay for deep cleaning of pores. The clay has no other additives, animal products and fragrances.

There are many crazy reviews and feedback; mostly positive ones from users around the world. Most people have confirmed that Aztec n secret has been effective in healing cystic acne on their face.

This product works for all types of skin including sensitive, oily and dry skin alike. The long term positive results are evident with pictures before and after facial treatment with Aztec n secret Indian healing clay.

It is clear from reviews that this product really works and perfectly effective for facial acne to provide long term positive results. If you are skeptical of natural skin healing clay, I recommend this product for you.

You can buy Aztec n secret from Amazon, Walmart and local cosmetic and drug stores. It is important to observe instructions for positive results.

Bentonite Clay Mask Side Effects

Like other natural treatment for skin, bentonite clay can also have adverse effects on the skin and hair. Since it has several benefits to the skin as medicinal clay, it is very easy to overlook some of its dangers and risks.

It is important to know and understand some of the negative effects associated with this clay. To better understand side effects of this magical clay, I present to you the side effects from external and internal use of bentonite clay.

Side effect of Bentonite clay bath

Frankly speaking, bentonite clay bath can have side effects on your skin. Probably, you must have heard about clay baths before. Clay bath simply refers to placing the clay into your normal bath.

Just place a bit of bentonite clay powder in the tub filled with water as needed. Soak yourself in the bath for some minutes to enjoy the relaxing and soothing experience of bentonite clay bath.

Now, minerals in the clay will dissolve in tub water and absorbed into the skin. So far, no health risk has ever been linked to extensive use calcium bentonite clay to cleanse the skin.

Therefore, regular use is recommended to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin and prevent wrinkles, anti-aging and also for healing acne among others spots.

However, don’t forget that aluminum compounds have been traced in samples of bentonite clay. In this case, you may experience side effects due to aluminum if the clay is not 100% pure.

Absorption of aluminum compounds like aluminum chloride can increase growth of cancer tissue; this is according to research done by the National Cancer Institute.

Side Effects of Bentonite Clay Cleanse

Bentonite clay cleanse is used internally by ingesting into the body. As stated earlier, it is safe to drink quality bentonite clay to detoxify and cleanse the body.

This works by removing free ions and toxins from your stomach and intestines. Disease causing bacteria along the guts and other areas of respiratory tract are equally cleansed.

However, cleansing process also cleanses all beneficial bacteria from the body. In this regard, it is advisable to avoid regular intake of bentonite clay. Note that using this clay topically is the safest rather than internal use.

The other side effects from internal use include nausea and constipation especially on first ingestion due to stacked clay on the intestine.

Bentonite hair mask is also used to condition and washing the hair. No side effects have been reported in using this clay hair mask.

Some people have allergies from external use of this clay on the skin. Some itching may also occur on the skin as it reacts with metals in this clay.

How to Buy Bentonite Clay mask

Buying ready bentonite clay mask is simple, but you have to source them from credible and approved suppliers of natural remedies. Buy them from Walmart, Amazon and local cosmetic and drug stores.

Look out for reviews for various products before buying. This will provide a clue on the type of product that suits your condition.

You also need to check and compare prices from various retailers, including promotions.

Bentonite Clay Mask Walmart

Walmart has built a good reputation and deals with genuine suppliers of natural products. The company has strict supply chain policy to ensure they get the best deals from suppliers in terms of product quality and price.

The prices are also fairly cheap compared to most competing stores. You can be sure of quality and genuine natural products at Walmart stores.

You will come across many brands of bentonite clay including Aztec n Secret Indian healing clay for facial use.

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