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Bentonite Clay Food Grade: Edible, Candida, Colon Cleanse Diet

Bentonite clay food grade refers to the edible types used for internal use. These are ingested to perform internal detoxification, and for colon cleansing. In this article, I will examine where to get best food grade bentonite clay in bulk. Finally I will also explain how this amazing clay can be used to deal with candida infections, and how to prepare the colon cleanse diet.

Is Bentonite Clay Edible?

Yes, bentonite clay is edible. However, if taken in excess or without a doctor’s prescription, it can cause certain side effects. For the purposes of internal cleansing, you can ingest it after mixing roughly one teaspoon of this mud in the water.

However, you can steadily increase the quantity of clay ingested to around three teaspoons every day. That is based on the advice of a nutritional expert.

Nevertheless, you should not consume it two hours after or before medications. Besides, you need to wait for about an hour after consuming bentonite mud to eat.

Prepare Bentonite Clay Diet

Preparation of bentonite clay diet is very important. In your usual eating arrangements, when the movement of waste matter through the colon is not quick, it hardens and dehydrates.

As a result, the waste becomes a sticky and thick mass. Your body may find it hard to get rid of this old, putrefied, and undigested matter. It is paramount to remove and rehydrate this waste matter to achieve both optimum physical health and healthy colon function.

Bentonite clay and psyllium are the two top foodstuffs used to wash out the stuffed colon. You can vary the amounts taken depending on your personal preferences.

Here is an overview of how to prepare this diet:

  1. Combine bentonite and psyllium with water in an empty glass and stir briskly. Take the mixture quickly before it becomes thick.
  2. Follow this diet with more 8 ounces of juice or plain water. Drinking sufficient of fluid is significant.
  3. You may take between two and three glasses daily. However, you need to start with one glass a day before you increase to three glasses depending on how your stomach system adjusts to larger bulk.
  4. Take this clay in the middle of mealtimes, at least two hours after or before medications or supplements. Most people take it in the evening and morning, with the possible extra glass in the afternoon. Adhering to this schedule may help you eat less and feel fuller.
  5. Your body’s normal nutrient absorption can be interfered with after drinking this cleanse. Therefore, each time you take it, ensure you don’t exceed two weeks at a time.
  6. Your body’s natural eliminative functions can also be maintained by stopping its use. For that treason, you must include in your diet more fiber-rich foods, approximately 25 grams per day.
  7. Use this clay anytime your body system feels bloated, heavy, or sluggish. You can also use it when you slightly constipated and in the course of any moment of cleansing diet.

Bentonite Clay Food Grade

Bentonite clay food grade is a product of volcanic ash. It’s derived from Sodium Bentonite Clay. Most of it is colloidal in nature and silica-based. Meaning, the clay particles can hang in liquid without dissolving or breaking down. So, it’s not possible to process it.

Some of this Clay is excavated in Montana and Wyoming. The quarrying practices employed are intended to use food-grade equipment and keep out impurities.

The mud is then kiln-dried, crushed, and separated by size. Producers of wine and juices often use this mud to clarify their beverages. The suggested use of this food-grade is internal, cosmetic, and external purposes. It’s perfect for human ingestion.

You can also use the food grade for homemade toothpaste because it’s decent for your gums.

It is said by some sources that this product can as well play an integral part in solving stomach disorder problems for an aging cat.

Regardless of the fact that this clay cannot completely clear up the cat’s health issue, it can help firm the feces and reduce its smell.

This food-grade is used in certain quarters to exploit its reported gum and teeth benefits. For people showing infection signs such as bumps on the gums and tooth pain, they can use bentonite mud to help alleviate the problems. That can happen within a couple of days and can as well make their teeth whiter.

Accordingly, you can really gain from brushing your teeth with this food-grade. You can do this after your usual flossing and brushing of teeth. You should let the mud stay in your mouth for a few minutes before sputtering it out.

For a cat’s homemade clay tooth paste, mix ½ teaspoon of water and 1/8 teaspoon of bentonite and place it in the cat’s mouth. This can be followed by many water droppers to wash the blend down. This simple process will produce a quality mud food grade product for the animal.

On the other hand, this clay can be messy if not used as required. But, it appears wholesome and tastes good when used in tooth powder.

According to research findings on this food-grade, the product can help you fix bile reflux and also prescriptions. This mud has indeed worked miracles in enhancing people’s external and internal health of the body.

Additional uses of this product keep emerging with time. The applications include having the ability to treat several body conditions like treatment of varicose veins, rashes, spider bites, itchy eyes, and swelling ankles. This product can therefore be used to cure nearly all body and skin problems you can encounter.

Bentonite Clay Cleanse

Today, some people find the notion of consuming or drinking bentonite clay to cleanse internal body organs as either primitive or farfetched. Nonetheless, the use of this natural clay as medicine has been around for decades.

In the recent past, the mud has also been applied by health practitioners of alternative medicine as an effective and simple cleanser of the body system. It has also been used to help alleviate and prevent different health concerns.

Indigenous animals and tribes used this clay for centuries as a real ordinary intestinal detoxifying agent since time immemorial.

According to the article, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Dr. Weston A. Price, conditions of toxicity have been traditionally treated by use of different kinds of clay including bentonite.

Wild animals are by instinct also drawn to clay deposits. They lick the mud as their day to day diet. They also roll in it as a means of attaining relief from injuries.

Liquid bentonite can be taken for the internal elimination of toxins in the intestinal system. It is inert and thus, flows through the body system without being digested.

Bentonite Clay Colon Cleanse

The bentonite clay colon cleanse is a gluten-free combination of Bentonite Clay and Organic Psyllium among other Organic products designed to eradicate toxic colon residues.

The colon can find it hard to effectively absorb nutrients due to clogs and lines of the digestive wall by Mucoid plaque. That intestinal condition can cause sickness, disease, and backup.

This clay can as well successfully absorb heavy toxic metals like mercury, aluminum, herbicides, pesticides, toxins, and chemicals.

You can wash your colon by consuming the colon cleanse fiber blend 5 times daily and after every two hours. If you ca not fill up to this dose, choose a gradual increment method until you reach this dosage.

Bentonite Clay Cancer

Bentonite clay is used as a therapy for cancer. It is claimed to contain influential internal cleansing properties. This clay is rich in different minerals and is weathered volcanic ash.

The moment you are using a mud treatment for cancer, research indicates that it is more helpful when using it to treat secondary illness and side effects. It can also help to fend off drug.

The clay in liquid colloidal-gel form may be useful for treating food poisoning, food allergies, and diarrhea among other benefits.

Bentonite used as cancer therapy can also boost the immune system. It helps to detoxify the liver and cleanses the colon.

Bentonite Clay Candida

According to Dr. Eric Wood and Lisa Richards, the authors of the article, “The Ultimate Candida Diet Program”, you can use Bentonite clay to remove Candida and any other related toxins. It is often used with fiber supplements like Psyllium in a colon cleanse.

Thus, ensure that you incorporate this product in your cleanse treatment of Candida. Bentonite similarly absorbs Candida Die-Off toxins.

A five-step initiative is designed by nutritional experts to help cure Candida problems. The plan is a comprehensive treatment program for Candida issues.

It has documented nearly all of the latest study findings about Candida Related Complex. It has also all the information people with Candida concerns can use to beat its overgrowth.

The 5-step program comprises of details on:

  • Recipes of anti-Candida
  • Lists of in store expenditure
  • A stress management handbook for people with Candida
  • A 60-day strategy on how to eradicate your Candida
  • A handy notebook for symptom tracker
  • A precise 5-step timeline
  • The most recent study-findings about Candida
  • Details on a 10-part email course

Side Effects of Drinking or Ingesting Bentonite Clay

The common problems and side effects of ingesting calcium bentonite clay include:

  1. Can Harm Lungs: World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that a prolonged professional exposure to the dust of bentonite may cause structural and functional harm to your lungs. It increases the risk of lung cancer because of mixed quartz and silica in the clay.
  2. Can be lethal when consumed: In most cases, problems occur when the clay is taken for purposes of internal detox and stomach ulcers. That is because the patient ingests it in the form of ingestable formula or a supplement. It can be dangerous when consumed directly even under the doctor’s guidance. The most vulnerable group is pregnant women.
  3. Can Render Your Body Open to Metal Impurities: Many of these clay products sold in the markets contain very high degrees of lead and arsenic, all being toxic to the body.

Taking arsenic may increase your risk of developing lung, bladder, and skin cancers. The lead, on the other hand, can unfavorably affect your cardiovascular system and kidneys.

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