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Bentonite Clay Detox: Side Effects, Bath, Deodorants & Dry Shampoo

Read here and learn more on Bentonite Clay Bath or Bentonite Clay Detox side effects. In this article, I go a step further to examine the uses of bentonite clay deodorants and dry shampoo for armpits and dry skin.

What is Bentonite Clay Detox?

Probably you have heard of clay bath or even taken one in your lifetime. For those who don’t know, a clay bath is simply taking a bath stirred or mixed with the clay.

Bentonite clay bath is taken for one main reason- to absorb toxins, impurities and dirt from the skin. Taking clay baths makes you feel more refreshed, relaxed and above all clear headed.

Bentonite clay has remarkable medicinal and healing properties and is commonly used to enhance beauty. Believe it or not, bentonite clay has proven to have the ability to absorb and transport toxins out of the skin.

This was first discovered by scientists in 1961. Bentonite clay detox is purposely used to cleanse the skin by absorbing toxins and other impurities from the body and skin.

Bentonite Clay Detox Bath

To say the truth, clay particles have the power to pull toxins from the skin into its molecules and eventually washed out from the skin. This is because toxins have positive electrons while clay molecules have negative electrons.

This is why toxins are attracted to the clay and pulled inside the molecules to bind firmly. This is a simple scientific explanation on how bentonite clay detox.

This clay is used in a variety of ways including clay bath. Usually, a few drops of clay are placed in a tub filled with water for bath.

This clay is known to work best in water as it produce negative electric charge which attract and remove toxins from the skin.

Bentonite Clay Bath

Though we used to play with clay in our childhood, we never exactly knew the benefits of clay to our skin and body.  Today, we use bentonite clay baths to help absorb toxins and also impurities from the body through skin.

In addition, clay baths are also more refreshing to the body. I often take clay baths to feel more relaxed after a stressful day and it works perfectly well for my skin.

It is also noted that clay baths can sometimes leave some globes of clay randomly stacked on the skin. These glob spots may not easily come off the skin and you be forced to rub them off using your finger nails or a rag.

The place with glob spot is basically where these toxins are surfaced and are still attracted to the clay at that surface of the skin. If you notice lots of these spots on the skin, soak yourself longer in the tub and they be gone in less than 20 minutes.

How to use Bentonite Clay Detox Bath

The benefits of bentonite clay detox bath are enormous. These benefits can be maximized when you make good use of the clay. You are bound to fail if you sprinkle this clay in your tub for soaking as it will just clump up and never dissolve in water.

This clay does not dissolve easily in water, and you need to find a better way of incorporating this clay into the water.

  1. To make bentonite clay detox bath, start by filling up the tub with warm water. Make it as warm as possible, but also comfortable to help with circulation flow. This will enable the system to circulate toxins for eventual mopping by the clay
  2. Ensure that a good drain plug is in place to prevent chunks of clay does not drain down
  3. Add the clay- about 4 cups of powdered bentonite clay into the tub
  4. Mix the clay well with water until you obtain a wet clay and squish using your hands until you obtain mucky clay water
  5. Add some water into the tub accordingly as this clay soaks up some of the water within a few minutes
  6. Soak in your bath for 10-20 minutes and you will start to notice some reactions on the body. Do not soak for more than 20 minutes to avoid nausea and lightheadedness caused by too much detoxing.
  7. You may also opt for clay body mask where the clay is spread on the body before sitting in your tub for about 20 minutes.
  8. The clay will slowly soften and dissolve from your body into your tub. Don’t scrub it off, instead let the clay sip off the body by itself.
  9. Rub of the clay with wash cloth after 20 minutes bath to remove globs of clay.
  10. Take a cool shower after soaking to rinse of residues of clay from the body. Cool water is necessary after taking a warm bath to close skin pores.
  11. Moisturize your skin using coconut oil since this clay will leave you with super dry skin by drawing out water or sweating
  12. Dress in warm clothes after detox clay bath and cool shower to maintain body heat. This will allow the body to feel more relaxed and recharged after working hard to detox.
  13. Drain your tub and deposit clay chunks in dustbin and re-mineralize the body by drinking salty or clay water to replenish released minerals through sweating and absorption by the clay.

Bentonite Clay Benefits skin

Many benefits can be accrued when one uses bentonite clay. Some of the benefits this clay has on the skin include:

  1. Eliminating toxins and heavy metals from the skin
  2. Stimulation of lymph system for circulation of toxins
  3. Cleansing the skins to reduce eczema, acne and rashes
  4. Calming down allergic reaction
  5. Reducing toxic burden on the skin

Bentonite Clay detox side effects

Bentonite clay detox is touted as one of the best skin and body cleansing agents. However, the question is: Does this clay detox have side effects? The answer is yes.

The clay detox can cause intestine discomfort, but this may be overcome by drinking lots of water to facilitate passing out compounds from your body.

The following are common side effects of bentonite clay detox

  • Mild headaches, nausea and lightheaded
  • Joint stiffness together with muscle pain and tiredness that occur as stored toxins and muscle fluids are removed from the body.

These undesirable effects are common in external detox, and are rampant in first time users of bentonite clay detox and will subside in subsequent times.

Bentonite Clay Dry Shampoo

You can easily make DIY shampoo with bentonite clay for cleaning silky and non oil soft hair. These shampoos have become increasingly popular in recent years because it works well for both light and dark colored hair.

This shampoo is also appropriate if you are getting late and have no time to wash and dry the hair. Bentonite clay has great oil absorbing power.

To make this shampoo you will require the following:

  1. A half cup of bentonite clay
  2. A half cup of arrow root powder
  3. 5-10 drops of essential oil- preferable lavender
  4. Cocoa powder that suit the color of your hair
  5. Powder brush for applying shampoo
  6. Funnel and mason jar

Bentonite Clay Deodorant

It is so simple to make deodorant bars using bentonite clay for stinky armpits and to moisturize the skin. The recipe comprises of natural ingredients such as:

  • Arrow root powder
  • Cocoa butter
  • Jojoba oil and
  • Beeswax

Bentonite Clay for Skin Infections and Rashes

As stated earlier, bentonite is effective in chemical free remedy for various skin disorders and infections. It is basically a natural lifesaver for persons suffering from discomfort and unattractive skin conditions like Eczema, acne and psoriasis

Where to buy Bentonite Clay Detox

As stated in my other article on where to buy bentonite clay, you can always get your favorite brand from a store near you. You can also buy this clay detox online from online retailers and/or stores such as Walmart website, Amazon.com, Target website, CVS and Walgreens.

I would advise you to first of all compare prices before settling on the seller. Nevertheless, the price difference between stores is very minimal.

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