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Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs yourself

Where Do Bed Bugs Originate From?

Many people wonder where bed bugs originate from. Some studies indicate that C. lecturlarius could have come from the caves initially inhabited by bats and humans in the Middle East. Bed bug lineages can as well be linked to their name.

The pests are historical pests which have survived on hosts since time immemorial. According to research findings, bed bugs parasitized bats first before shifting to humans. The caves inhabited by early people before the beginning of civilization are thought to be bed bugs’ residence.

The bugs. Fossils were located at archaeological sites and date back to more than 3,500 years.

The bed bugs were used as a potion to treat ordinary diseases at that age. The Greeks and Romans burned them to make the bloodsuckers discharge their grip. Egyptians drank them to cure snakebite.

The bed bugs flourished following transformation from living in caves to villages and later, cities. The growth of civilization contributed to the spread and multiplication of the bugs across the Europe and Asia.

They were everywhere in Italy by 100 A.D. and in China by 600 A.D. Germany experienced bed bugs in the 1200s while France in the 1400s. Sleeping and cooking fires generated heat which created a good environment for bed bugs to thrive.

Are There Home Remedies To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently?

Some people don’t think there are home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently. This subject is briefly discussed since much has been covered in the article on how to get rid of bed bugs fast and permanently.

There is no single formula one can use to eradicate bugs in their residence. However, these are some of the simplest methods people can apply to get rid of bed bugs for good:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the house.
  2. Use diatomaceous earth (de) powder.
  3. Use hot water to wash infested items.
  4. Employ a combined pest management method

In detail the measures used to get rid of bed bugs in homes are:

1. Thoroughly Vacuum the House: Vacuum the home or house totally including both the affected and none infested areas. Bed bugs have a tendency of spreading one location or room to the other. Therefore, try to inhibit further spread by quarantining all household items being treated.

You can either use special mattress encasements to encase the mattresses or seal photo frames, toys, books, and clothes in exceptional plastic bags.

2. Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder: The use of DE powder to get rid of bed bugs is not only safe but also does not harm users. But, it is better to keep off pets and children during the treatment period. Dust the powder around the legs of furniture.

Also liberally sprinkle the DE inside box springs and headboards among other related areas. The sharp crystalline molecules in the powder helps to shred the insides and shell of bed bugs thereby killing them immediately.

3. Use Hot Water to Wash Infested Items: It’s the simplest method of eliminating the bugs, their larvae, and eggs. You basically boil the pest-ridden objects in hot water. Rinse all your pillow covers, bed sheets, linen, and clothes in the highest heat operated washer-dryer.

One can as well use direct sunlight to dry the washed items. The important factor is to set the wash-dryer to a temperature of about 120 F. The highest temperature ensure no bed bug withstands the atmosphere. The 120 F or more temperature kills all bed bugs and their larvae.

4. Employ a Combined Pest Management Method: There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to eradicating bugs for good. People must be on a look-out and employ different methods to solve the menace.

For instance, one can decide to contract a professional cleaner to help clean sofas and carpets using steam vacuum cleaners. They must also use borax or diatomaceous powder in the whole house.

Additionally, washing of clothes in boiling water and vacuuming are both important step in getting rid of bed bugs permanently.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets can be used to repel bed bugs away from your bed. It’s one of the simplest approach one can use to get rid of bed bugs from the house or home. Bed bugs dislike the odor of dryer sheets and thus keep off the house when used.

Just employ 8 to 10 smelly dryer sheets in the middle of your box spring and mattress. Carry out a similar process on top of the mattress, stuck between the bed sheets and mattress. Additionally, one can use dryer sheets inside the pillow cases.

A big proportion of these home remedies of getting rid of bed bugs are not affective if done once. Dryer sheets are effective if used several times. The outcome differing from one individual to the other.

Bed bug home remedies can minimize spread and contact of these pests to other rooms. One can be fooled to believe that the bed bugs are eradicated with a temporary reduction. Therefore, people need to know that it takes a concerted effort to permanently get rid of bed bugs. That is because bugs are difficult pests to kill in a go.

Repeated treatment of bed bug infestation will ensure both the adult pests and the eggs that hatch later are completely eliminated. It’s due to such issues that one is advised to contact a pest control or professional depot to help get rid of the bugs.

One should not be ashamed of having bed bugs in the house. Neither should they associate the pest infestation with dirtiness.


Home Remedies for Bed Bugs with Vinegar

Vinegar can be used as a home remedy for bed bug because it kills in contact with the pest. That implies that direct spray of vinegar on bed bugs kills them.

Although the traditional home remedies are safe for use, in most cases, they don’t get rid of bed bugs permanently. This a brief highlight since much has been discussed in, “Homemade Bed Bug Killers: Spray Alcohol, Vinegar.”

One solution of vinegar is not enough to treat bed bug infestation. The use of vinegar is one way people kill bed bugs naturally. This method can be used while waiting for the home treatment service of a pest control professional.

Why People Should Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestation:

  • Vinegar is cheap and has low PH besides being popular as an acetic acid.
  • One can buy vinegar anywhere.
  • Bugs die faster when vinegar is used with hot water.
  • Can be used near dogs and cats.
  • Homes with children can as well use vinegar safely.
  • Finally, the use of vinegar to treat pest infestation helps to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

Difficulties Experience with Use of Vinegar for Bed Bug Treatment

  • Vinegar has a long lasting terrible smell and must be applied when mixed with a similar alcohol ration to reduce the bad odor.
  • There can cause an explosive effect if mixed baking soda.
  • Major bed bug infestations cannot be treated permanently using vinegar.
  • Some reptilian pets can get a toxic effect when used in getting rid of bed bug infestations in the house.
  • Can damage some furniture because it has low pH.
  • Dangerous gas is formed if vinegar is mixed with bleach.

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

To get rid of bed bugs in a mattress, one should consider the following household actions:

  1. Frequently vacuum you bedroom items including the bed and surrounding area. Put the vacuum cleaner outdoors wrapped in a bag after completing vacuuming.
  2. Scrub mattress seams using a stiff brush to remove bed bugs plus their larvae and eggs before vacuuming.
  3. Clean clothing, curtains, linens, and bedding in hot water. Use the highest dryer environment to dry them. Place in the dryer stuffed possessions such as shoes and animals which you cannot wash for about half an hour.
  4. Some people discard bed bug infested mattress but also make sure the home is eliminated of bed bug to avoid future pest spread.
  5. Free the area surrounding the bed of clutter.

Homemade Bed Bug Killer

Homemade bed bug killers works well. Getting rid of bed bugs takes multiple processes. It entails acquiring cleanliness and vigilant habits. That includes adopting unwelcoming lifestyle for bed bugs such as:

  1. Develop a regular bed bug patrol schedule to inspect your bedding and bed including surrounding and possible bed bug congregation areas.
  2. Stop having more time in close quarters with people you don’t know well either in movie theaters or during public transportation among others.
  3. Avoid sharing household items such as clothing, hats, and coats.
  4. Use personal care products with critical oils which can be bed bug repellent.
  5. Wash clothes and bed-covers using hot water and air them in the hottest temperatures to dry.
  6. Rotate use of natural bed bug killing and repellent arsenals like vinegar, food-grade DE, and essential oils.

For more information on homemade bed bug killer, read the article, “Kill Bed Bugs Fast Use Pesticides & Bed Bug Monitor.”

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

The use of heat treatment for bed bugs is very effective and a permanent solution. Why? Because it penetrates into infested areas that cannot be inspected like small cracks and crevices. Bed bugs, its larvae, and eggs cannot withstand lethal temperatures in the range of 117 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat in hot boxes’ walls go higher than lethal temperatures. That is why they are able to permeate properties placed inside, killing all life cycle stages of bed bugs.

Baking Soda and salt for Bed Bugs

Will salt and baking soda kill bed bugs in the house? Yes. the procedure is as outlined below

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