15 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair, Face & Skin

What are the benefits of argan oil when used on our bodies? Argan oil Benefits on hair, face and skin vary among users. Read this article to learn more on why you need to look for this magic oil.

Argan nuts are used to manufacture Argan oil. The oil is used as a raw material in the production of a range of cosmetics and beauty products. The oil has capacity to treat various body diseases such as helping you beautify your hair, face, and skin. The oil contains essential anti-oxidants and vitamins needed for treating such beauty complications.

Summary of the Benefits of argan oil

Before I dive into the many benefits, lets have a quick overview of what is to come in a summary format. There are many benefits of Argan Oil and they include:

  1. Helps in digestion
  2. Removes razor bumps
  3. Restores cracked, dry feet
  4. Moisturizes skin
  5. Relieves rheumatic and arthritic disorders Benefits of argan oil for hair skin and face
  6. Fights dermatitis
  7. Reduces early aging
  8. Used as a hydrating toner
  9. Rebuilds split ends
  10. Treats brittle hair
  11. Strengthens Nails
  12. Cures Acne
  13. Safeguards the Skin against environmental destruction
  14. Treats hair loss
  15. Depresses Cholesterol

I have discussed the above benefits here below.

Helps in Digestion

Organic compounds are found in the culinary grade that forms Argan oil. When Argan oil is added to food, it proliferates the concentration of pepsin in the body’s gastric juices leading to more or enhanced digestion.

Pepsin is a critical enzyme deposited in gastric juice. The fluid is responsible for digesting dairy, egg, and meat proteins. Consequently, improved digestion leads to less hunger, improved weight loss, more energy, and eventually, to a body that is healthier.

Removes Razor Bumps

Removal of razor bumps is part of remarkable benefits of Argan Oil. Other than being unsightly, razor bumps can as well cause pain and discomfort particularly for those who cut off their hair and slather on sunscreen.

In this regard, we can use Argan oil to calm and restore those razor bumps. It’s useful to you after trimming your face or bikini line and legs. The oil further reduces the quantity of ingrown hairs.

Restores Cracked, Dry Feet

You have cracked feet? Use Argan Oil! If you have cracked, dry skin on your heels or feet, you feel very uncomfortable. Such discomforts can make you cry out for sandals. Nonetheless, even with such worries, you may find a solution in Argan oil.

How do I use argan oil for cracked feet? It is simple! All you need to do is to rub a few drips of Argan oil onto your feet. Use higher concentration in the rough areas. If you have a dry skin, you may need more oil for a total skin conditioning.

Moisturizes Skin

Argan oil is an exceptional moisturizer. It contains higher quantities of vitamin E. You can also use this lubricant as a component for preparing moisturizers found we see in the market today.

The amount of Argan oil needed for effective skin conditioning depends on the skin type. For users with a dry skin, more Argan oil applied and vice-versa. Thus, the benefits of Argan oil do not end here. That is because you use the oil as a body lotion on the whole body.

Relieves Rheumatic and Arthritic Disorders

Argan oil is ranked amongst the highly beneficial beauty products which helps relieve rheumatic or arthritic conditions. The oil contains flavonoids which contains influential anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory component equally helps to heal internal and external body problems including reducing the swelling and pain of arthritis.

The quantity of triterpenoids rooted in Argan oil, especially butyrospermol is very high. It has biologically vigorous mixtures synonymous with the provision of anti-inflammatory benefits. The high linoleic acid content embedded in Argan oil helps to stimulate the development of prostaglandins 1. It’s a biological property famous for helping in rheumatologic conditions.

Fights Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a popular skin condition. It contributes to itchy and inflamed skin patches. And the fact that Argan oil has an exceptional effect of minimizing skin itchiness and rashes means it can also reduce flare-ups of dermatitis including eczema.

It works by hydrating your skin making sure that it executes its barrier function well. The lubricant comprise of vital fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. The fatty acids protect cell integrity and lock skin moisture.

More benefits of Argan oil are based on the capacity of vitamin E to fight dermatitis. The protein provide your skin with influential antioxidant properties. The importance of the oil’s antioxidant property includes helping your skin effectively fight the destructive impact of unrestricted radicals.

The free radicals are known for causing skin complications like eczema. And with the help of anti-inflammatory compounds, Argan oil helps to reduce skin swelling.

Reduces Early Aging

As stated earlier, the content of fatty acids in Argan oil is very high. In fact, study on the benefits of Argan oil found that on average, the level of fatty acids in the oil is about 80%. Fatty acids play an integral part in removing signs of untimely aging.

The wonders of Argan oil in limiting premature aging extends to countries like Australia. The product has proved effective amongst many Australians who use it to reduce early aging.

It’s confirmed from the users of Argan oil that consistent consumption of the product reduces the severity and depth of fade age spots and wrinkles. It increases the recovery rate of your healthy skin cells and reinstates the skin’s childish elasticity.

Used as a Hydrating Toner

It does not matter which season of the year you are in. What matters is for you to understand that keeping your skin hydrated is critical. Skin moisturizing, toning, and cleansing is significant achievement you get from Argan oil.

You can use the oil to make your DIY-toner at home. It is a good replacement for many manufactured toners whose performance is less than satisfactory wanting.

Rebuilds Split Ends

Restoration of split ends is one of the many benefits of Argan oil. When you apply Argan oil in your hair, it helps to inhibit environmental damage and drying by covering hair shaft. It seals in smooths flyaways and moisture. As a result, ensures that your hair is more manageable. Argan oil further minimizes the chances of your hair splintering. Splits ends are caused by hair styling and brushing.

Argan oil is known for helping you seal in pigments like amla and henna as well. The colorants cause increase in the time-frame used between any two different colorings.

Since Argan oil has a high Vitamin-E content, it feeds the hair. As a consequence, the overall healthy appearance of your hair increases. That includes its role in helping to improve the hair’s shine and restoration of split ends.

Treats Brittle Hair

We can apply Argan oil on brittle and dry hair for an overnight treatment. The users of the oil can rub their hair with Argan oil and leave it covered the whole night. Then, they can wash off the oil in the morning with regular shampoo. The outcome is silkier and softer hair devoid of split ends.

We have also used Argan oil to tame fizzy hair. When used regularly, Argan oil makes luminous soft locks on your hair.

Strengthens Nails

When Argan oil is used on toenails and fingernails, it aids to facilitate naturally healthier and stronger nails. The strengthening effect is associated with the high vitamin-E content the oil contains.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Argan oil can as well assist you fight off skin and nail infections. What the oil does is to create a superb non-greasy conditioner for the cuticles and nails.

Thus, Argan oil assists to moisturize your nails. It avert aching hangnails by keeping the cuticles conditioned.

Cures Acne

Treating acne is another key role played by Argan oil. The triterpenoids made in the oil provide amazing benefits on the health of your skin. The oil treat scarring associated with ace and cures mild acne.

Studies on the benefits of Argan oil further indicate that it helps to lower the levels of sebum on individuals with oily skin. For that reason, it reduces greasiness and refines the total body appearance.

Safeguards the Skin against Environmental Destruction

Like said before, Argan oil contains a high content of antioxidants. The antioxidants help to protect nails, hair, and skin from destruction. The damage is caused by UV radiation. The oil is good at escalating the impairment recovery speed.

Melanin is a skin pigment that safeguards our bodies against the severe effects of UV rays. All kinds of skin complications relates to having either too little or too much Melanin in your body. Under extreme circumstances, the Melanin imbalance increases the risk of getting cancer.

The use of Argan oil helps us to inhibit elective melanin biosynthesis.  As a result, the stability in skin cells with abnormal levels of melanin is achieved. So, Argan oil helps to protect our skin from the dangerous UV rays besides keeping us healthy.

Treats Hair Loss

We use Argan oil to promote new hair growth. We also use it to stop hair loss caused by systematic treatment of the scalp. The oil works to ensure that no more follicles get lost. Thus, the rich nutrient in Argan oil helps to stimulate the re-growth of our hair. It also enhances the growth of our hair.

Lowers Cholesterol

When you substitute culinary-grade Argan oil with other oil products which are less-healthy in your diet, you lower the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in your body. The oil’s exceptional mixture of plant sterols established like spinasterol and schottenol block the intestinal absorption of unwanted cholesterol. Likewise, Argan oil has a high level of plant sterols and omega fatty acids known for controlling intake of cholesterol in the body.


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