Argan Oil Hair Mask DIY, Recipe, Homemade & How to use

Here is  the ultimate guide on argan oil hair mask homemade recipes. How can I use argan (moroccan) oil hair mask to treat my hair? This question will be answered shortly in this article. I also present the  results, benefits and side effects of argan oil hair mask. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section

What is Moroccan Oil? Where does it come from?

Moroccan oil is extracted from the nuts of argan fruit, a native plant found in Morocco. This fruits is so nutritious that even goats climb the tree to have a taste of it. For several decades, locals of argan forest have been extracting argan oil for use as dietary supplement, to enhance beauty and also for healing purposes. Today, argan oil has gained popularity in beauty industry due to its rejuvenating and healing properties.

What is a Hair Mask?

A Hair mask can be defined as one of the necessary among the collection of hair products to make your hair healthy and shiny. Hair mask works to keep your hair in top shape by providing moisturizing treatment for your hair.

Hair masks can be perfectly used to deep condition your hair and provide it a silky texture. Even though good masks are readily available in the market for purchase, it is so easy to make one at home using common items around your house such as olive oil, eggs, coconut oil and natural honey among others.           

Argan Oil Hair Mask Recipe

Since Moroccan oil is nutrient rich and has amazing restorative, hydrating and healing properties, it is vital to include this oil in DIY hair mask recipes and formulas. It is very easy to make one using natural and nutritious ingredients. However, the price of pure argan oil extracts is quite high and this justifies the need for proper use at home.


  • 1 tablespoon of pure Moroccan oil
  • 2 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of organic raw honey
  • Optional- a few drops of essential oil such as lavender to provide scent and relaxing properties.

Tools: Ziploc bag, a comb and hairs tie.

Note: always avoid allergic ingredients and it is important to test new ingredients to avoid any reactions to your hair and skin.  The amount of ingredients may also be varied to accommodate very short or long hair.


  1. Whisk all ingredients together and zip your bag to shut it. Note that coconut oil solidifies at low temperature (760F). Therefore, you are likely to see your bag cloudy.
  2. A blender may also be used if the honey and coconut oil to be used are thick and cumbersome to mix.
  3. Hold the bag below a hot running in order to liquefy the mixture. You can also use low flame to liquefy, but avoid flame that can cook nutrients. Besides, the heat from warmed contents helps to open hair pores and cuticles to increase the seeping of oil into your hair and scalp.

How to use Argan Oil Hair Mask

There are basically two main reasons as to why argan oil hair mask is not commonly used in home cosmetology; expensive price and the fear of fat. However, the end results justify the cost because it will definitely make your strands shinny. Besides, the light texture of argan also makes it different from other cosmetic oils. It is also easy to flush and what you need is just a little hint on how to apply it.

The Steps on how to use the argan oil hair mask are:

  1. Use the comb to brush your hair to prepare it for mask application. Note that argan oil hair mask can be applied on dirty or clean strands.
  2. The mask should be warmed before application.
  3. Collect the warm contents from the bag and apply it onto your hair. Ensure to focus on the bottom half of your hair.
  4. After applying all contents, comb through the hair beginning from the roots towards the end to distribute the mask evenly over your hair. Also remember to massage the scalp.
  5. The hair is twisted up into a tight knot to keep the oil off the face before going to bed to sleep in your mask. Remember to use shower cap to cover your head in order to trap the heat and keep it warm. As stated earlier, heat enhances seeping of moisture and nutrients. Since the oil is concentrated on bottom half side of your hair and tied up into a knot, you are unlikely to find oil everywhere. If don’t want to sleep in your mask, then let it soak for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Resume the normal hair care such as conditioning and shampoo.

Argan Oil Hair Masks Before & After Pictures

argan oil hair mask before after results
Before and After results after using Argan oil for Hair

It is always important to take photos before and after using argan oil mask for purposes of assessing its impacts on your hair. Argan oil mask have been praised by different users for the magic it does to hair. As shown in the before (left) and after (right) pictures, Argan oil masks changed her hair from mousy brown to shinning natural hair.

To say the least, with experiment of a few argan hair masks applied after taking a shower produced a dramatic change. The split ends of her hair are no more and her hair is so soft just within two weeks of using argan oil hair mask.

Benefits of Using an Argan Oil Hair Mask

The main benefits of argan oil hair masks are attributed to the nutritious and active substances which are essential for both the outside beauty and healthy hair. If there is no allergy to argan oil, homemade argan oil mask will provide the following benefits.

  1. Source of Vitamin A or Tocopherol – This minerals runs through damaged tissues to regenerate them. This makes argan oil hair mask a great tool for minimizing thinning, split ends and brittle hair.
  2. Polyphenols source – Another component in argan oil with smoothing properties which makes the hair smooth, flat and with silky strands.
  3. Anti-inflammation – Argan oil contains organic acids which makes argan oil mask a full-fledged substance that is essential for eliminating dandruff.
  4. Safety function – About 70% of components in argan oil and in particular fatty acids provide safety to hair and also enhance resistance of hair to external harm such as chemicals in swimming pools and effects of sun UV rays to the hair. Frankly speaking, the mask protects your hair against damages caused by very low temperature, ultraviolet rays and dryness.
  5. Anti-aging – Sterols in argan oil is anti-aging substance with ability to prevent or delay graying of your hair.
  6. Hair recovery – This is another benefit of using argan oil hair mask because as it provide nutrition and moisture to the hair and also strengthens and rehabilitates your hair. Furthermore, homemade argan oil hair mask is an excellent agent for preventing and treating damaged hair that requires to be recovered. This fact is attributed to its healing and restorative properties which allow the mask to treat your hair without intense salon procedures.

Side Effects of using an Argan Oil Hair Mask

The side effects of argan oil hair mask are rare, and common one relates to allergic reaction.

Allergic reaction – Argan oil contains a wide range of biologically active substances which can cause allergies to your hair and skin. It is important to test individual tolerance to argan oil hair mask.  If you notice any discomfort in the test, this is a clear signal that argan oil hair mask does not fit.


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