Argan Oil Hair Color Reviews, Charts & How to Use 3rv 4rv 5rv 6rv

One n’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color Perfect Intensity

One n Only Argan Oil Perfect Intensity semi-permanent hair color enables an individual to deliver exceptional shading with touchy sparkle with no designer required. These exceptional lively shades were made in Italy. And are implanted with dynamic levels of uncommon Argan Oil for shading that last 6 to 8 washes.

This hair shading is Ammonia free and works best when connected to hair that has been pre-helped or pre-lighted to a stage known as the yellow stage which requires n developer.

Argan Oil Hair Color Chart

To enable and individual prepare the best color outcome I have provided a chart below that will help you decide the volume of designer, use and timing required for a formula. In this case, Level ten is the lightest level while level one is the darkest of all.

Depending on what color you want to achieve, you can choose the available colors at the top row for instance, Lightest Tangerine Blonde- Check on the Tangerine column and the lightest row which is level 10. Where the Hi-Lift Blonde intersects on both the row and the column, we generate a Hi-Lift Neutral Blonde.

Argan Oil Ingredients

The following are Argan Oil color Ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon or 15 ml of Argan oil
  • Mastery Grey color (1 oz)
  • Developer (2 oz)
  • Warm Distilled water

How to Mix Argan Oil

The following procedure will help you have the desired outcome on Argan oil color preparations:

  1. Take one section of mastery dark shading and blend with one section warm refined water
  2. Ensure the water is warm. This will help break down the cleanser and take into account a smooth surface
  3. 2 oz of the developer (Dark Blonde)
  4. Mix one tablespoon of Argan Oil
  5. Gently mix or shake

Note:  An individual preparing Argan Oil is not that complex all what is expected is couple of hours and may be some fixings here and there. Besides the simple procedure to make these preparations, there are few fixings to add to your Argan oil to make it smell and work far better such as honey which gives it a glossy sheen appearance.

Argan oil hair color instructions & Directions of use

Virgin Application

The procedure below will help you have easy and predictable results if you are applying Argan oil color for the first time. Follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Determine the gray level of your own hair and then the percentage or the natural depth of the hair.
  2. Use the Gold or the natural series to ensure that the gray coverage is at its maximum.
  3. Put on the gloves to avoid coloring your hands
  4. Continue to mix the formula where you add Argan Cream Developer about 20ml 1oz 6G Dark Blonde which is golden in this case and 1 oz. 4CH Chocolate Brown that is medium. This means that it is 2 parts developer and 1 part developer.
  5. You should then section your hair into fours that is from back to the center, all the way to nape and ear to ear. Ensure that the hair edges are not so dry to prevent them from being darker than the rest part.
  6. Then the next thing to do is to apply from the half inch scalp continuing to the mid from the scalp. The reason we are not starting from the scalp base is because the heat from the body would make this part appear brighter than the rest parts of the hair.
  7. Applying the color after you are done, set exactly for 15 minutes and wait before you apply the remaining part. This is the time you apply the remaining half inch section then add another 15 minutes to total to 30 minutes. If you apply a gray, you will add extra 15 minutes to total to 45 minutes.
  8. Work the color through the entire hair especially at the mid shaft to ensure the hair is all saturated.
  9. When all this processing is done, wash your hair with Shampoo and finally condition with One ‘n Only Argan Oil.
  10. Finally you get your finished look to the desired outcome.

Retouch Application

This is a procedure that will help you get you desired outcome if you had a virgin application and may be you want to apply again due to your own reasons.

  1. Determine the gray level of your own hair and then the percentage or the natural depth of the hair.
  2. Use the timing and mixing chart to help determine the volume of the developer as well as the timing and usage for the formula.
  3. Wear you gloves for the next step
  4. Mix 20 ml of one and only with 1oz. 8mg Master Gray blonde that is light.
  5. Section your hair into four parts (as in the case of a virgin application) and apply the color starting half inch from the scalp.
  6. Wait for about 45 minutes after application. Note that the edges of the hair should be covered the last 5 minutes but in case they are porous there is no need of waiting.
  7. When the processing time is complete, wash your hair with Shampoo and One ‘n Only Argan Oil Moisture repair and conditioner.
  8. Then there you have your final results. It is although good to note that a skin patch and strand test should be done according to manufacturer’s instructions and finally it is recommended to wait for one to two weeks before applying One ‘n Only Argan oil color after straightening or permanent service.
  9. Gray hair is as yet the main reason why people shade their hair. This application is for hair that was colored before so the main idea is to reapply. Keep in mind, with any hair shading, it’s critical to choose a shade that will suit your skin and eye shading.
  10. This finally restores shine and a gray luster according to your expectations. Different outcomes can be also follow the same procedure depending on the type of blonde one wants to achieve.

How long do you keep Argan oil in your hair?

This treatment is anything but difficult to do at home. Utilize a liberal measure of the oil for this treatment. Massage it on your head, hair and tips and after that you wrap your hair up in a towel to keep it from recoloring your cushion.

Leave the treatment in overnight or for the best outcome, leave it for a couple of 2 to 6 hours and afterward wash the Argan oil out the following morning with your customary cleanser. Your hair will look staggering – and the best part is that you won’t have subjected your hair to any of the chemicals display in numerous general molding hair veils.

Applying this oil on occasions such as heat drying can prevent the hair from drying and of course avoid applying too much not to look greasy or limp.

More on Argan oil hair color

 Argan Oil Hair Color 5rv

This type of Argan oil several functions such as:

  • If a person requires a rich gray coverage
  • It also provides a luminous color which is long lasting
  • Repairs and nourishes moisture
  • It can also be mixed and the best of all is that it can be used alone.
  • It improves elasticity and makes sure the cuticle smoothens
  • To sustain, repair and secure dampness

Progressed small scale shades consolidate with valuable Argan Oil for glowing shading, rich dark scope, splendid sparkle, and unmatched molding. Argan Oil enters profound into the hair shaft in a split second smoothing the fingernail skin and enhancing flexibility. The low-alkali equation gives profound shading infiltration and longer-enduring, predictable outcomes.

Argan Oil Hair Color 3rv

3rv Argan Oil serves also several functions such as:

  • Repair, nourish and moisture locking into the hair shaft
  • Unmatched conditioning which results to brilliant shine.
  • Smooth’s the cuticle and improves elasticity.
  • It gives hair color tones such as Gold series and Copper series and other neutral tones

4rv Hair Color

This is a type that contains micro pigments for intense and deeper color deposition. This enables it to make a flawless and attractive gray coverage. It combines both the exotic and natural ingredients which is the finest quality to attain excellent color with a coverage that is superior grey.

This is all about science that relies on something known as micro pigmentation which allows molecules to penetrate to cortex. It one of the leading brands that contain 40% less ammonia than other hair making products that result to color that is fade resistant.

6rv Hair Color

This is a type that is easy to formulate and use that gives several hair color shades. Its improved micro pigments combine to make a rare a luminous color. This type is one hundred percent certified for brilliant shine and coverage.

The other functions such as luxurious conditioning it serves the same functions such as Argan Oil hair color 4rv. It is applied with a brush and a bowl where there are 2 full applications per tube.


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