Argan Oil for Skin Lightening, Reviews, Before & After Results and Pictures

Use argan oil for skin lightening to improve your complexion. Check the before and after results of using argan oil for skin whitening. Does argan oil fade or lighten dark spots? Read to learn more on this crucial aspect of beauty through natural oils

Can Argan Oil Be Used For Skin Lightening?

In most cases, Argan oil is used as a moisturizer for our skin. The high fatty acid and vitamin E content in it softens and hydrates the skin. You embrace the use of Argan oil as a natural boost of your skin. It’s non-irritating, non-greasy, and easy to absorb. Thus, Argan oil can be used for skin as an ideal natural moisturizer but not necessarily as a skin whitening oil.

How to Use Argan Oil for Skin, Lightening, and Anti-aging

The following are “Beautiful” Methods by which Argan Oil is used:

Argan Oil for Skin

You can use Argan oil for skin to treat different body ailments. But for now, let’s bury our minds in demonstrating how you can apply these products on skin to achieve desired results:

Argan Oil for Makeup Magic

If you want to use the old for makeup magic you can

  • Put a droplet of Argan oil to your tinted moisturizer, bronzer, or liquid foundation to attain a shining sparkle
  • The lubricant will aid to retain your skin foundation from looking cakey or drying out. argan oil for skin lightening whitening

Argan Oil for Lip Scrub

You can use argan oil for lip scrub through the following steps:

  1. First, combine a couple of droplets of Argan oil liquid into a bit of brown and white sugar
  2. Mix the ingredients until they form a paste
  3. Apply the paste on your skin to gently hydrate and exfoliate chapped or dry lips as desired

Argan Oil for Facial Moisturizer

In case of a facial moisturizer you can use argan oil using the following procedure:

  1. By means of your hands, level one or two Argan oil droplets onto your neck and face after cleaning
  2. Take a few minutes to let it soak in before using a makeup
  3. Wiping your face with a toilet paper or paper towel can assist remove dashes of extra oil.

Argan Oil for Skin Lightening:

The procedure of using Argan oil for skin lightening is as follows:

  1. Clean your face
  2. Directly spread on the skin this liquid gold
  3. To attain finest results, first rinse the skin impurities with gram flour
  4. Then, before going to bed, massage the skin with Argan oil
  5. Nutrients in Argan oil will deeply infiltrate into the skin overnight to recover the texture of your skin

However, for better results, repeat this procedure for close to15 days, twice or thrice in a week. For a dry skin, avoid applying gram flour mask and simply use lukewarm water to cleanse your face. Just apply pure cosmetic Argan oil. Avoid applying culinary Argan oil.

For treatment of acne, moist cotton material with Argan oil and use the moist cloth to treat the spot treatment. Constant application of Argan oil will lighten stretch marks and acne scars.

Argan Oil for Anti-aging:

To remove or avoid having skin wrinkles, follow the pretty straightforward method below;

  1. First, rinse your face to remove dirt to make it easier for the absorption of the oil
  2. Using your palm, apply one or two drops of Argan oil on skin area
  3. Moving your palm in a circular way, massage your face until the oil is completely absorbed
  4. Let it stay overnight before you wake up early in morning happy for the imaginary developments the oil has done on your wrinkled
  5. Repeat the same process until you notice a big outcome

Results of Argan Oil for Skin – Before and After Pictures

This image depicts the results of using anti-aging products of Argan oil for skin. It is generally believed that the use of argan oil over a period of time may results in a lighter complexion. In this case, however, the difference is very small and it really depends on the eyes of the beholder. See the image below and judge for your yourself.

argan oil for skin results before and after
Results Argan Oil for skin before and after

Reviews of Best Argan Oils for Skin

Some of the popular Argan oil products in the market include:

1.      Foxbrim

It’s a 2 fl. oz 100% pure and organic Argan oil for Nails, Skin, & Hair. It’s also a USDA certified organic premium Argan oil product sourced from Morocco. The Foxbrim brand is fast absorbing, light, fresh, and perfect for all kinds of skin.

Users of the Foxbrim brand confirmed that the oil is good and effective when used on dry skin, hair, and nails among other skin care.

In fact, most nutritional experts worldwide encourage patients with rosacea, sensitive, and dry skin to use only this product on their face. They concur that Foxbrim is powerful in curing rosacea flare ups.

Application of small quantity of the product is enough to sooth away such flare up. It keeps their skin blemish free and smooth. Thus, it’s an outstanding Argan oil product.

2.      Rise ‘N Shine Online (4 oz)

It’s a great skin and hair conditioner and shampoo made from Argan Oil. It’s 100% natural virgin and pure Argan oil product sourced from Morocco. It’s best for your nails, skin, and hair

You should not confuse Rise ‘N Shine Online (4 oz) with other low quality products of Argan oil. It’s a pure organic Argan Oil product sourced from Morocco. It’s fresh and has light golden yellow color that is all-natural and carries the virgin Argan oil natural smell.

Different from other Argan oil brands, our Rise ‘N Shine Online (4 oz) is fast absorbing, fresh oil which has no irritation effect on your skin.

It swiftly infiltrates the skin to repair, hydrate, nourish, and heal. It’s easy to use because of a convenient spray nozzle. You can also use it straightaway from the bottle.

Some consumers report that Rise ‘N Shine Online is the real deal with 100% results on their face, hair, and skin. Another consumer on Amazon reports that it took Rise ‘N Shine Online 2 days only to cure her cut finger.

Anyway, I hope this product review  will assists you before  purchasing the pure and natural Rise ‘N Shine Online brand of Argan oil for skin.

3.      Eve Hansen

It is 30ml organic Argan oil. Eve Hansen is 100% pure and certified anti-aging brand naturally rich in vitamin E. It has outstanding results for natural nail, hair, and face moisturizer. It’s also cold pressed, unprocessed, and unfiltered organic argan oil for the maximum potency.

The rich vitamin E in Eve Hansen has Omega 6 (47%) & 3. It’s the essential lineoic and oleic fatty acids which is a natural prime antioxidant used to deal with premature aging. The oil swiftly restores your skin’s natural freshness. It thus adds your face and skin’s softness.

One consumer reports that they used Eve Hansen product to cure their son’s serious acne condition. He had extremely dry face and a couple of drops had no meaningful hydration result on his face.

However, regular application of more Eve Hansen oil started showing better outcomes after the fourth day and both of us were DELIGHTED!

The thick crust that formed on area when we started applying the oil acted as an ordinary mask. I would recommend other users to try Eve Hansen for treatment of acne conditions in future. Get back to me through the comment section with an update

Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

The Argan oil has remarkable benefits on your skin and whole body. The ways through which the all-natural, moisturizing, and anti-aging oil into your day-to-day beauty treatment include:

  1. Treats stretch marks
  2. Treats Acne condition
  3. Exfoliates skin
  4. Used as a nighttime moisturizer
  5. Treat nails

1.      Treats Stretch Marks

Argan oil can aid stop stretch marks by enhancing the skin elasticity. The vitamin E and vitamin A in the oil will assist to revitalize the skin and at the same time moisturizing it. Consequently, the oil reduces the possibility of the stretch marks to form.

2.      Treats Acne condition

Argan oil is great news for people suffering from acne. The oil condenses the levels of sebum in persons with oily skin. Chemical creams are not only expensive but can also harm you in the long-run.

The high linoleic acid content in Argan oil assists to decrease bug bites, infections, inflammation, and rashes caused by acne. Similarly, it aids restore injured skin cells.

3.      Exfoliates Skin

It’s not hard to prepare homemade exfoliators. They are very cheap and easily found in the market. If you mix the homemade exfoliators with argan oil, the end product is oil with all the anti-aging effects as well!

Consistent exfoliation aids in eliminating dead skin cells. It also decreases the look of wrinkles and fine lines whereas providing you with a younger fresher complexion.

When combined with brown sugar, the nutrients in Argan oil become easier to freely get absorbed into the skin.

4.      Used as a Nighttime Moisturizer

Besides getting absorbed quickly, the use of Argan oil does not leave behind an oily scum. The vitamin E and vitamin A in Argan oil can assist to minimize fine wrinkles and preserve this mild skin region moisturized.

5.      Treat Nails

The non-greasy moisture found in Argan oil is a perfect cure for nails and cuticles.

The oil aids to moisturize your nails. It also assist to retain your cuticles moisturized thereby helping you not to have sore hangnails.

Side Effects of Argan Oil for Skin

The primary likely adverse effect of argan oil is intolerance to certain skin types. Despite the fact most skin types tolerate Argan oil, you should do a patch test of the products before using them in your daily beauty routine.

Doing so will help you evaluate if it’s well-tolerated by your skin. If you notice any irritation or reddening, stop applying the oil. Then seek the advice of a dermatologist for future use of argan oil.

The side effects of applying Argan oil on your skin are very rare. However, other unusual occurrences include:

  1. Causes Breathing difficulties
  2. Results in Redness
  3. Allergic reactions
  4. Extreme skin itchiness
  5. Causes Rashes

Occasionally, these adverse effects of using Argan oil result from applying low quality and impure Argan oil.

To reduce such risk, get the original brands of Argan oil for skin. Also, try to inquire and establish where the product was extracted. Quite often, cheap products of Argan oil for skin are mixed with inexpensive oil ingredients. If your skin is sensitive, using such oils will ultimately cause skin irritation.


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