100% Pure Argan Oil: Organic Moroccan Oil Purity Check & Where to Buy

Is your oil 100% pure argan oil? How do you determine pure argan oil for face, hair and skin? What is Organic Moroccan Oil – and is it pure? In this article, I seek to answer these questions by explaining the various methods you can use to check the purity of argan oil at home. I will also highlight some of the known shopping stores where you can buy pure argan oil.

What is Pure Argan Oil?

There is no doubt that popularity of argan oil in beauty industry has as a natural skin and hair treatment oil increased in recent year. This popularity has resulted in several fly by brands in the market claiming to be pure argan oil when in actual sense they are not pure.100% pure argan oil

Pure argan oil is oil free from any forms of impurities that contains liquid extracted mainly from the nuts of Argan tree- a rare tree found in North Africa. A bottle of Mediterra 100% argan oil contains organically grown and chemical free substance with no preservatives, alcohol, fragrance and filler extracted from nature and has nutritional and cosmetic benefits.

Commonly referred to as ‘liquid gold of Morocco’ by people in beauty industry and most people in Morocco, pure argan oil is a great skin and hair moisturizer and softener

What is organic Moroccan oil?

This is basically 100% pure argan oil extracted from organically grown Moroccan plant. Argan plant is a rare species and is only found in Morocco and is grown organically without use of chemicals to produce organic Moroccan oil. This oil contain natural ingredients such as fatty acids and vitamin E with non-greasy moisturizer that is essential for promoting hydration of hair as well as softening and nourishing of the skin.

What Causes Impurities in Argan oil – What makes it impure?

  1. Mixing with vegetable oil – Argan oil can be mixed with cheaper vegetable oil to make it impure but affordable by many. This is commonly done by commercial entities in order to offer the products at competitive price in the market. Unlike cosmetic, culinary grade are roasted which destroys all essential nutrients needed for skin and hair nourishment.
  2. Blending with shear butter Shea butter has long been considered the best ingredient to blend with argan oil and many companies across the world are just doing that and in the process making millions of dollars in profit. The resulting product of this simple blending process is pure product, but is capable of helping the body to relax and produces other health benefits.

This butter-argon blending is driven by the healing property found in these ingredients and these trees are also close cousins and combines very well with each other. In many instances, the natural partnership of these two is effective for skin and hair care purposes.

 Signs or Indicators of impure Argan Oil

  1. More than one ingredient on the label – argan oil is impure if it is made from more than one ingredient. If there are any other additive and preservatives other than being 100% organ oil, the product is impure. This is because a pure one is solely made from one ingredient- nothing else but argan oil.
  2. The packagingA look at packaging is another common way of determining whether the product is pure argan oil or not. 100% pure Mediterra is usually packaged in dark amber glass bottle and not clear plastic bottles. This is because plastic bottles deteriorate so easily over time to release chemicals into the oil.

The use of clear and transparent glass bottle also allows light rays to pass through the oil thus breaking down beneficial compounds in the oil thereby reducing its effectiveness as natural hair and skin care.

On the contrary, amber glass helps to protect the contents from sun rays, and hence essential compounds in the oil remain intact over time. It is also ecofriendly compared to metal and plastic packaging.

  1. The price Price is another indicator of impure and diluted argan oil. This is because pure argan oil is imported from North Africa and the cost of freight will be obviously reflected through higher price charged for this product. Therefore, it is very unlikely to sell pure argan at ridiculously low price.

If you find oil products that sell at $ 5 or lower per ounce, then it is very likely that it is diluted with other oil or could be even fake. It is important to ensure that you purchase grade and raw argan oil rather culinary oil for cooking. Even though these oils are tasty, they are usually processed in a manner that breaks down compounds in natural hair and skin thus reducing their effectiveness.

  1. Fragrance Presence of unpleasantly strong odor is another indicator of impure and rotten oil that should be avoided at all cost. This is because pure natural argan oil has noticeable scent and lack of this scent is a pointer to diluted or fake argan oil. The scent is usually noticed when you open the bottle, but fades away quickly when the oil is applied on hair or skin.
  2. Consistency 100 %Pure Mediterra argan oil is characterized by light and silk texture and this why it is quickly absorbed in the skin and does not leave behind greasy coating. You should be wary of any slimy and thick argan oil product and those that burn or sting the skin.
  3. Appearance of sediment The appearance of premium oils such as pure argan oil have very small amount of sediments at the bottom of the bottle. This is because they are always filtered to remove impurities and also handled with great care to retain its nutrients. If you fail to see them, then you could be probably be having over refined oil that is less effective natural hair and skin care.
  4. Color and Texture Pure argan is light golden in color and this why it is called the gold liquid of Morocco. On the contrary culinary oils are golden brown in color while olive oil is too light. This means that if the color is too light, probably it is mixed with other oils. Texture is silk and very smooth which makes it disappear rapidly into the skin to bring soothing effect because it does not feel sticky, slimy and watery.

How to check the Purity of Argan Oil

You can check the purity of Argan oil through 2 major processes or experiments namely:

  • Ice Sensed of Fridge experiment, and
  • Physical Examination

Ice Sensed of Fridge Experiment for pure argan oil

Pure argan oil turns into thick paste after it has put in the fridge for between 24 and 72 hours. If the oil does not change after being in the fridge for 72 hours, this could mean three things:-

  1. Oil is over-processed such that too much water that was used during hand pressing or too much heat was used during processing or the oil was either over-filtered or deodorized.
  2. Oil could have been extracted using chemical solvents hence it cannot solidify even if left in the fridge for so long.
  3. Partial solidification of the oil in layers after 72 hours in the fridge could imply it was mixed with cheaper culinary oils.

Whatever the result, after completing this test, just keep the argan oil under room temperature to return to liquid form and regain a more neutral smell within minutes.

Physical Examination of pure Argan Oil

Physical Examination experiment involves taking a closer look at the physical properties of argan oil. These properties include a light, color, sediments that settle down after 12-24 hours and noticeable scent that fades away rapidly after applying to skin and hair.

Where to Buy Pure Argan (Moroccan) Oil Products

The best place is to purchase them from women cooperatives in Morocco but can also be purchased from certified suppliers across the world, and companies trusted to supply pure oil.

The product can also be ordered online from online stores such as Amazon and arganfarm.com and shipped free to your destination. It is important to note that impure oil are not as effective as pure oil and will not provide full benefits like pure argan oil.


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